Monday, 14 July 2014


The Attorney-General of Nilkawt is Ms Kali Pathi-Pathos, who was born and raised in Scotland.  Ms Pathi-Pathos studied Scots and maritime law in Edinburgh before finishing her studies in international law at the Carbonne d'Occide Law and Finishing School at the very private and exclusive Minquiers University in the Channel Islands.

Ms Pathi-Pathos is a keen amateur genealogist and a keen amateur climatologist.  She is also a keen, prolific, professional, part-time author.  Her pen name of Milson Broome has become famous for a cheap and abundant series of repetitive, romantic novelettes about a woman called Victoria and a man called Hugo.

Although Ms Pathi-Pathos has never married, she enjoys flirting with unattached male attorney-generals and military generals from various other nations whenever time permits.  She uses such experiences in her writings.  Ms Pathi-Pathos also likes to sing pop music whenever the possibility arises.  Most people therefore believe her first name to be Kylie, until she proves them wrong.

As Attorney-General of Nilkawt, Ms Pathi-Pathos brings an extensive knowledge of western and eastern cultures and legal systems to the portfolio.  She is assisted in her work by Ms Yin and Mr Yang, both specialists in such matters.  She is also assisted by the Assistant Attorney-General of Nilkawt, Mr Ganesha Shiva Jones; by her personal assistant, Dave Suleiman Ibn Dawoud; by her hairdresser, Frankie Pope, and by her iconic dressmaker and stylist, Chelsy Chalcedon.

Ms Pathi-Pathos would also like it to be known that she has received a great deal of assistance in her career from her parents, Doctor Christina Santina Pathi-Agastya, a civil engineer from Glasgow and Doctor Krishna Sachin Pathosphilosophos, a physicist from Dundee.  She has received no help at all from her brother Simon, who is really of no help to anyone but himself.