Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Cabinet and Government

The government of Nilkawt usually and unusually consists of all the cabinet members, all the ambassadors, and all the domestic servants in the royal household and Nilkawtian embassies.  It should also be noted that all of the domestic servants are also appointed to the secret services of Nilkawt upon acceptance of their first, quite menial positions.  This obviously ensures the openness of the government.

All ambassadorial and domestic/secret service positions are filled by Nilkawtian volunteers.  They are provided with the basic comforts of life, in keeping with their demonstrated abilities, until forced to retire.  Their retirements usually only occur when they reach an unacceptable level of incompetence at even the most menial of tasks.

Upon retirement, the ambassadorial and domestic/secret servants may choose to live in great splendour and at great public expense in a village custom-designed for their dotage.  Anyone seeking to fill in the form to become a Nilkawtian volunteer should note that after doing so it is almost impossible to retire and even more difficult to resign.  This helps the government to balance its budget every year.

Cabinet members, upon being relieved of their duties, are usually very relieved.  This in itself is all the reward they usually seek.

Ministers do not receive salaries during their ministerial service, or pensions afterwards, though they may claim for expenses relating to their upkeep whilst performing their duties.  This usually means that ministers with very little wealth prior to their appointment tend to spend most of their ministerial time filling in expenses claims rather than performing the duties for which they were elected.