Friday, 25 July 2014

Minister for Courtesy and Moral Philosophy

The Nilkawtian Minister for Courtesy and Moral Philosophy, Auntie Daphne Tea-Cosy, is responsible for all of the activities known, in other societies, as policing and security.  All police officers in Nilkawt are known as aunty something or other.  The Deputy Minister and Chief of Polite Policing is Auntie Cynthia Biscuit, for example.

There are no gender biases involved, however.  Even someone wishing to be known by the name of Aunty Jack is welcome to apply to become a polite policing officer in Nilkawt, if suitably qualified.  Full training is provided, as well as a lovely selection of uniforms and disguises, a delightful mode of transport and a fully equipped tea tray.