Thursday, 17 July 2014

Parliament of Nilkawt

It is yet to be established whether the Parliament of Nilkawt has only two chambers, or three or four, or even more.  Officially it consists of a lower parlour, the Parlour for Visitors, and an upper parlour, the Parlour for Nilkawtians. 

The Parlour for Visitors is one of the world's most democratic institutions, mainly due to the fact that, in many respects, it is an exact replica of the Parlour Meant for You.  The Parlour for Visitors and the Parlour Meant for You happen to be where enlightened democracy is directly and deliciously demonstrated on a daily, participatory basis.

Both locations are inclusive, though the Parlour Meant for Visitors can only be visited by visitors and other non-citizens of Nilkawt, subject to their ability to obtain visas to Nilkawtian territory.  The Parlour Meant for You, on the other hand, being outside Nilkawtian territory, is rather more inclusive.

The Parlour for Nilkawtians, also known as the Parlour Meant for Nilkawtians, is another type of institution entirely.  In fact, no-one is permitted to type anything about that institution without the very clearly expressed permission of the Nilkawtian Head of State.

Semi-officially, the Thrown Room in the royal palace is also part of the Parliament of Nilkawt.  The Thrown Room is where the Head of State decides whether official documents should be placed in the Nilkawtian State Archives or thrown into the recycling bin.

Unofficially, there is an additional chamber of the Parliament of Nilkawt, namely the Hike Kawt Court of the Caught.  The Hike Kawt has exclusive Constitutional jurisdiction regarding the powers required to banish any person, other than the Head of State, from all the private, public and parliamentary parlours of Nilkawt.

No-one has the power to banish the head of state from anywhere, which is why Her Illustrious Highness is often considered to be ubiquitous.