Friday, 22 August 2014

Humour Rights Commissioner

The Nilkawtian Humour Rights Commission works closely with its international counterparts, even including the Australian one.  This ensures serious attention is given to the most important local and global matters by the people of greatest influence.

The Humour Rights Commissioner for Nilkawt, The Exceedingly Honourable The Marchioness of Passatempo, Lady Felicia Gioconda Allegra Divertimento, knows that her job is the most important one in the world.  Good humour is essential to the maintenance and development of psychological well-being and world peace, she believes.  Unfortunately, some of her enemies call her The Mad Marchioness, or Mad March for short.

Lady Felicia has been responsible for many excellent initiatives by the Nilkawtian government.  In fact, there would be very few initiatives by the government at all without her influence, guidance and ongoing support.  Lady Felicia is an expert on the legitimate use of farce.

The Commission is commissioned to commission suitably qualified members of the public to sit on the Commission.  The Commission then grants permissions through a process of submissions regarding various admissions from wayward politicians.

Citizens with petitions accompanied by musicians present their positions with jokes about omissions.   This is particularly useful when election are about to be held.

Suitably qualified members of the public are usually few and far between, so the Commissioner is often the only person on the Commission. Her main duty is to ensure free and fair elections.  This is achieved by finding out which people are genuinely ambitious for political office and which ones see it all as a joke.

A gag order is placed on anyone genuinely seeking high public office, for obvious reasons.  For persons pretending to seek higher office for satirical rather than political purposes, measures are in place to ensure they are surprised by the outcome of their actions.

For example, the current Nilkawtian Minister for Arts and Sciences is someone no-one would take seriously in any circumstances.  He had mentioned to his great aunt, once or twice before his appointment, that he thought he was suitably qualified for the position of Enlightenment Minister.  Unfortunately for the minister, his Great Aunt Jocasta is one of the greatest gossips the Government of Nilkawt has ever had the displeasure of acknowledging.