Thursday, 14 August 2014

Minister for Agriculture

Food and fibre are very important to the people of Nilkawt.  The Ministry for Agriculture is therefore responsible for the management of the Yes Oui Cannery, providing gourmet French-style organic, vegan cuisine at a time of anyone's convenience.

The current minister, Groper Tait O'Sullivan, has been in the Nilkawtian horticulture business for many years.  He inherited the family farm from his father, also called Groper, but unfortunately there is no-one left in the family to take over the business.  Groper junior never married.  In fact, most female persons refuse to have anything to do with him, including his sister, Mrs Petunia Bedbug.

Mrs Bedbug works in the hospitality industry, as does her son, also named Groper. Her husband, Balmain Bedbug, left Nilkawt many years ago as he wanted to be a fisherman.  There is no aquaculture industry in Nilkawt and the sea is far too far away from the territory, as are any major rivers.  Please make a note of this information if you are currently seeking to visit Nilkawt.

Most aspects of agriculture in Nilkawt are supervised by the Environment Ministry, for reasons of sustainability.  No-one is currently supervising the hospitality industry, which is why Mrs Bedbug and her son are still in business.