Friday, 15 August 2014

Minister for Prosperity

Preventing poverty is extremely important in Nilkawt.  The Ample Sufficiency Agency, the Office of the Sub-Prime Minister, the Grand Chancellery of the Treasury, and the Salaries Review Board are all the responsibility of the Minister for Prosperity.  The minister is also responsible for the Ministry for Prosperity of course.

The Ministry for Prosperity provides excellent supervision of the interpersonal behaviour and personal behaviour expressed amongst the Nilkawtians and their visitors.  The current minister, Sister Fiona Frugal, does her best to ensure the head of the department, Doctor Mark Etting, does his job properly.

Sister Frugal believes that if everyone did there jobs properly, and tried to ensure their most senior subordinates did their jobs properly, all would be right in the world.  Sister Frugal believes her superior to be the Great Saviour of the Treasury, though it is not yet known if that personage supervises anyone.  At present, the Great Saviour of the Treasury cannot be seen or heard, or even perceived through the sense of smell.