Friday, 1 August 2014

Order of the Charter

It is very well known that as a sovereign nation and constitutional monarchy, Nilkawt provides its head of state with no more powers that any other head of state, including the British one and Australia's possibly two such persons/institutions (but probably none).  The very well-written constitution of Nilkawt mentions the Nilkawtian head of state in several of its sections, which is just as well.

Anything just as well is perfectly acceptable to the Nilkawtians.  This is why they allow their head of state the immense privilege of selecting persons to be recipients of the highest official honour in the land, namely as expressed in the insignia and regalia, and the processional opportunities and ceremonial privileges, of the Order of the Charter.  The Nilkawtians love resplendent ceremonies.

When a new head of state is crowned, all previous recipients of the Order of the Charter are required, under the Nilkawtian Constitution, to return the relevant pompoms, gowns, capes and baubles for recycling, though they are permitted to keep the hats.  This traditional procedure is performed during the Pomp of the Pompoms part of the coronation ceremony, after which the formerly honoured persons are required to put on some frilly aprons, take off their dignified hats and put on silly bonnets, and then serve tea, sandwiches and cake to all the other guests.  The Nilkawtians always know how to deal with hubris.

The charter in question is a precious document.  It provides the only known history of the Order.  However, it may all have been a work of fiction in the dim and distant past and no-one has yet bothered to check if there is any other documentary evidence to prove the facts one way or another.  In any case, this will not matter due to the fact that the Constitution of Nilkawt is an eternally binding document, even though its binding is currently in need of some maintenance.

New recipients of the Order of the Charter become the main advisers to Her Illustrious Highness the Ethereal Grand Duchess.  Quite reasonably, therefore, the Nilkawtian head of state ignores advice from the Government of Nilkawt, and all other governments, on most occasions.

Since the most recent coronation ceremony, only one person has yet become a new member of the Order of the Charter, namely Her Excellency, Madam Magda Carter. The maximum number of members permitted is seven.  The minimum is zero.  It is very fortunate indeed, therefore, that the Constitution of Nilkawt strictly limits the powers of the head of state.