Thursday, 21 August 2014

Visiting Nilkawt

Finding Nilkawt on a map is often impossible.  Even during a land title search, things can be quite difficult.  Land in Nilkawt is registered under Twaklin title not Torrens title.

In order to maintain the privacy of the Nilkawtians, there are no road signs leading to Nilkawt. All maps upon which the location of Nilkawt is indicated are the intellectual property of the Nilkawtian Head of State and therefore subject to the payment of significant royalty fees.

There are no airports, anywhere in the world, with aircraft available to fly directly or indirectly to Nilkawt.  This is mainly due to the fact that Nilkawt has no airport or helipad of its own, for reasons of energy efficiency. 

For reasons of safety, Nilkawt has no mechanisms or employees in place to manage the control of any form of air traffic, for any sort of flying machine or even for large flocks of cockatoos.  This is because many Nilkawtians have prior rights and therefore delight in flying kites at all hours of the day and night above every Nilkawtian open space of their own choosing, subject to the laws of trespass.

Nilkawt does, however, have a mechanism in place to prevent its territory being seen by anyone from space.  This gadget was originally invented by the Nilkawtian foreign minister for reasons of personal privacy during the summer months, but now it is used all year round for the benefit of all the people of Nilkawt.

As this digital embassy mainly exists for the benefit of foreigners wishing to visit Nilkawt, such persons may find it helpful to ensure, initially, that they are able to find Adelaide on a map, with or without the assistance of Abel Tasman.  Adelaide is where this embassy, the nearest one to Nilkawt, is situated.

A map purportedly showing Adelaide

A map purportedly showing

Adelaide, Australia and Nilkawt