Friday, 3 October 2014

Election Results

The recent elections in Nilkawt ran very smoothly and democratically indeed, as usual. 

As far as the governance of Nilkawt is concerned, cabinets are appointed for a maximum of three years and a minimum of two years, unless a shorter time span is deemed necessary in the event of societal agitation.  All members of a particular cabinet usually begin their terms at the same time.  They also end their terms together, unless something very unusual occurs.

Most other members of the Nilkawtian government are either appointed for life, or appointed on a fixed term, or appointed for an unpredictable length of time at the pleasure of the head of state.  The cabinet is only a very small part of the government.

The official announcement of the most recent election took place on Wednesday 21 May, at 17.38:23 in the afternoon.  It is only in a year after a leap year than the official announcement is made politely and precisely at 3pm, or at 15.00:00 to be most officially precise.  In other years, the time of day is chosen is at the discretion of the head of state, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Constitution, and in accordance with the provisions supplied for afternoon tea on that day.

The official announcement was, of course, followed immediately by a public holiday.  It was noted by the head of state, with some amusement, that some people would miss their scheduled transport connections for non-Nilkawtian adventures, due to the fact that those persons were inadequately familiar with the provisions of the Constitution and were therefore not permitted to leave their places of employment in time for their proposed departure.

As the election itself was held on Tuesday 30 September, the earlier public holiday and subsequent months of discussions gave the sitting cabinet members plenty of time to ponder over the possible identities of their replacements.  The formal vote therefore took place, as scheduled, in accordance with the Constitution, and the votes were counted that same evening.

The formal announcement of the results, however, is not yet due to be held just yet.  This means that there is much gossip and suspense occurring in Nilkawt at present.  Everyone needs a little excitement in their lives from time to time and this has therefore been enshrined in the Constitution.

The ballot itself was secret, of course.  In fact, the results are also a secret at present as they were only counted initially by the Earl of Foolya's worldwide patent-pending uniquely infallible FPH machine.

The earl, as a count, is a gentleman of impeccable discretion on most occasions.  Under his less-formal-yet-still-noble name of Lord Gregory Gobsmack-Twittering, he is most famous for having developed the FPH machine, originally and initially, for the unfailingly accurate assessment of biased public opinion.  FPH is therefore meant to mean Foolproof Popularity Hashtag.

Most Nilkawtians prefer to refer to the machine as the Finest People Hired device, though that may be a sign of wishful thinking on their part.  They would certainly not refer to it as a political machine.

The password for the FPH machine was set well before the election by the Nilkawtian head of state, meaning that she is the only person qualified to announce the results officially and accurately.  The Constitution allows her to do so at any time of her own pleasure as long as it is between the second Friday in October immediately after an election and by the last Tuesday in March before the first official announcement of the next election.

In the meantime, there are many persons unofficially and inaccurately speculating on who will be part of the next Nilkawtian cabinet.  In most other societies, such speculators are referred to as political pundits.

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