Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Independent Commissioners Against Corruption

Every society needs at least one independent commissioner against corruption.  In Nilkawt, there are twenty-five such positions, twenty-four of which are currently filled.

The most important qualification for a commissioner against corruption is the ability to think independently.  In most societies, however, it is very difficult indeed to identify and locate any persons with that ability.  That may be because the science of independent thinking is still in its infancy and human nature has a tendency to be manipulated quite easily and irrationally.

Preventing corruption, reporting cases of possible corruption, and investigating claims of corruption usually require millions of independent minds to be working around the clock, all around the world.  This requires discernment.  It requires courage.  It requires support.  It requires the willingness to seek out facts and check their verifiability.

Currently, the Nilkawtian independent commissioners against corruption are assisting the Nilkawtian independent commissioners for free and fair elections to ensure the recent elections in Nilkawt were truly free and fair.   Being fair themselves, and working for a reasonable but not excessive salary, the independent commissioners against corruption certainly have the ability to ensures that fairness is also upheld by the independent commissioners for free and fair elections.