Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Selection Processes

Whether applying for a visa, applying to become a citizen, choosing a cabinet, or applying the tools of excellent decision-making elsewhere, it is necessary to understand the correct procedures for the selection processes.

Applying for entry to Nilkawt requires the applicant to select the most suitable type of visa.  The applicant is further assisted by knowing when a Nilkawtian embassy is open and when it is closed.

Applying to become a citizen of Nilkawt initially requires some prior residency in Nilkawt itself.  In view of this, as an initial step, it is necessary to understand the procedures for selecting visas and visitors and hence being subsequently selected for entry to Nilkawtian territory for any purpose at all.

Residency in Nilkawt is no guarantee that Nilkawtian citizenship will be attained.  Initially, an application should be made for associate citizenship, after which full citizenship may or may not be granted.

Full citizenship not only requires the successful completion of a highly selective process for the acquisition of essential accomplishments but also a petition to the head of state, signed personally by twelve highly regarded full mortal Nilkawtian citizens, endorsing the application.

Choosing a cabinet, on the other hand, is never as easy as selecting individuals.  No matter how accomplished one cabinet member may be, there are always the factors of group dynamics to consider.

Either all cabinet members should be equally competent, or they should be equally incompetent.  Such wisdom is enshrined appropriately in the Nilkawtian Constitution, of course.

As it is compulsory for a Nilkawtian citizen of any stature to accept a cabinet position when offered, there is very little opportunity for anyone to jostle for power.  This is probably why Australian journalists rarely request interviews with Nilkawtian cabinet members.

Selecting persons to run local government institutions in Nilkawt, on the other hand, is mainly conducted through a process of tradition, using the time-honoured method of trial and error.  This saves a great deal of time and a great deal of money.  It also creates a great deal of dramatic tension, media attention, dishonourable discussions, sensational trials and possibly avoidable errors.

Any Nilkawtian associate citizen deemed to be relatively honourable, seemingly competent and appropriately qualified will be given an initial two-week local government position of responsibility on a non-compulsory basis.  Applications can be made at any time at all as there is always room for improvement in any community and its environment. 

Local government in Nilkawt is very exciting indeed and an excellent career choice for anyone worthy of respect.