Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Rule of Law

All Nilkawtians are required to uphold the rule of law with the utmost integrity.  The Nilkawtian Constitution therefore upholds the peaceful and democratic aims of the Nilkawtians in every respect. 

In most societies, younger persons are the cause of most types of disruption.  Although humane methods preventing the conception of excessive quantities of future generations are very well known in the world today, vast quantities of current generations, in many locations, have already produced vast quantities of offspring, quite often without the consent of the female parents of those offspring.  This is why the rule of law is so difficult to maintain in non-Nilkawtian territories.

It is very fortunate indeed that the Constitution of Nilkawt requires all Nilkawtian citizens to be dual citizens of Nilkawt and Australia.  Banishment to Australia is therefore possible whenever breaches of Nilkawtian laws have been identified sufficiently.

Most person with offspring are unlikely to become full citizens of Nilkawt.  And no Australian person is able to become any sort of Nilkawtian citizen until fully mature.

The Nilkawtian Constitution also requires all visitors to Nilkawt to be citizens of Australia, though obviously not (yet) citizens of Nilkawt.  All persons under the age of twenty eight years are forbidden to enter Nilkawtian territory regardless of their citizenship status. 

The necessity for all visitors and Nilkawtian citizens to be mature and responsible Australian citizens applies in all cases.  This is regardless of anyone's reasons for wishing to be within Nilkawt territory.  It therefore makes the messy requirements of international relations so much easier to manage.