Monday, 13 October 2014

Trade and Investment Commissioner

The Nilkawtian Trade and Investment Commissioner, Lady Verity (Veri) Goode, Countess of Elegantshire, is the model of business success worldwide.  The commissioner is the younger sister of the current Nilkawtian defence minister.

The entire County of Elegantshire is an export park, where thousands of elegant experts are employed on a wide range of imaginative research and development initiatives.  None of those persons work in the defence, mining or finance industries.  There is nothing elegant about preparing for wars, digging holes and burying treasure.

Lady Veri is the epitome of polite unpretentiousness and exquisite good taste.  Although she knows very well indeed that most billionaires in the world have an awkwardly poor sense of style and decorum, she is very pleased she is not one of them herself.  Even so, her personal fortune is quite possibly and comfortably within the range of a very-high-net-worth individual, though she never talks about the vulgar topic of money.

As Nilkawtian Trade and Investment Commissioner, Lady Veri delights in conversations about value.  If an investor wishes to discuss costs and benefits, or possibly even potential profits, Lady Veri gently guides such a person towards an appreciation of higher qualities.  If the investor still wishes to discuss costs, benefits and possible profits, Lady Veri is likely to show that person to the nearest investment door.

Unlike her sister, Jane, whose investments and assets are mainly in Australia and other under-developed countries, Lady Veri has declined to participate in any speculative ventures.  She has also declined to agree with the bigoted and repetitive opinions of her Uncle Bulldust, which is why he has announced, loudly and publicly, that he has excluded Lady Veri from his will.

All of Lady Veri's personal and commercial investments are within Nilkawt itself.  She often states that a commissioner should always lead by example.  That is why many of her philanthropic and scientific investments are of a globally-useful nature.

Most of Lady Veri's duties as commissioner require her to participate in the fine art of balanced portfolios.  She knows that commerce is only sordid when it is unmatched by lofty principles.  She also knows that lofty principles are themselves sordid if not matched by lofty actions.

An economy, in her view, is meant to raise the standard of interpersonal courtesy and enhance the quality of life of everyone, except the excessively lazy or excessively greedy.  Such an economy should give reason to hope for stability, everywhere in the world, and provide no cause for social unrest within Nilkawt itself.

Lady Veri is often the guest of honour at this digital embassy, much to the relief of the ambassador, who has no interest in, or understanding of, economic or commercial matters whatsoever.