Monday, 8 December 2014

An Excellent Economy

Nilkawt has the world's best economy.  Most of its infrastructure is held by the public.  Most of its services are managed privately.  It is therefore neither socialist nor capitalist.

The uniqueness of Nilkawt's economy, and its enviable record of prosperity, means that the world's economists are perplexed.  Their theories have never been put in place in Nilkawt yet no Nilkawtians are excessively poor or excessively rich, except voluntarily.

The banking system of Nilkawt may be subject to international scrutiny at present but so is every other banking system linked to the international banking system.  The Nilkawtians have been trying to unlink their banking system from the international banking system for some time, without success.

More about the banking system of Nilkawt:

In relation to entry requirements for prospective visitors to Nilkawt

In relation to the Bank of Nilkawt

In relation to the Treasury of Nilkawt

In relation to the openness of Nilkawt's government and society

In relation to doing business in Nilkawt

To understand more about the economy of Nilkawt:

Please do not contact the ambassador

Please do book a tour of the royal palace

Please try to learn more about the Nilkawtian treasury

Please attempt to inform yourself about Nilkawtian elections and influence

Please be generous with your trade and investment activities in Nilkawt