Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A Beautiful Political System

Anyone in Nilkawt, if eligible, is permitted to sit in the parliament at any time of their own choosing.  It is, therefore, unnecessary for Nilkawtians to vote for or against their own parliamentarians.  They are, however, most welcome to vote for or against policies, legislation and various expressions of bad manners.

Parliaments are places of theory.  Governments are places of practice.  Policy proposals, debates on those proposals, and the development of legislative measures are all parliamentary pursuits.  Governments are meant to put legislation into practice, hence the difference in purpose between parliaments and governments, at least in Nilkawt.

Whenever and wherever there are grievances amongst the populace of Nilkawt, citizens are permitted to participate in parliament themselves.  They may do so at any time of the day or night, on any day of the year, should they wish to do so directly.  They may also do so indirectly.

In any truly democratic society, there are many freely and formally constituted clubs, societies and other associations.  There are also the usual friendships groups, but not necessarily the usual family groups.

In the clubs, societies and associations of Nilkawt, members vote for representatives to go to parliament on behalf of their group.  The same applies within companies and other forms of business.  It is why the Parliament of Nilkawt is so pleasantly interesting to visitors.  It is also why visitors have been supplied with their own Nilkawtian parliamentary chamber, for training purposes.

Grievances about legislation are, therefore, the responsibility of the Nilkawtian parliament, primarily.  This is why forming a government in Nilkawt never involves most parliamentarians or other ordinary citizens at all.

In fact, all full citizens of Nilkawt are regarded as parliamentarians whether they have ever been in parliament or not.  There is, in view of the above, no unfair lobbying within Nilkawt.

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