Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Recording Reactions

The Independent Commissioners for Free and Fair Elections, in association with the Independent Commissioners Against Corruption, the Political Reform Commission, the Office of Electoral Progress, and the Humour Rights Commission have now verified the names of the new members of the Nilkawtian cabinet.

Since it began providing the world with its excellent insights into digital diplomacy, this embassy, and especially the ambassador, and all the most attentive staff here, have devotedly proclaimed the Nilkawtian mission to the world.

The Government of Nilkawt is unique.  There is a possibility for its cabinet members to be changed annually, for reasons of hygiene, though there are usually unavoidable circumstances preventing that fortuitous occurrence.

Several members of the Nilkawtian Faculty of Official Historians are here to record the reaction to the announcement.  They are continuing to argue over their various interpretations of how the election results will be viewed in later centuries.

Since the grand reopening of this embassy, there has been much discussion about the level of openness concerning all sorts of selection processes by the Nilkawtian government.  Upholding the rule of law is difficult anywhere in the world, especially when considering the various interpretations of international law.

The elections were held in accordance with the Constitution, subject to the limitations imposed upon them by the Treasury, the media, public holidays and traditions.

The Trade and Investment Commissioner is on hand, here in the digital embassy, to answer any important questions about the implications.  The Tourism Commissioner is also here, promoting exclusively expensive meet-and-greet opportunities for anyone wishing to do business in Nilkawt in the new political climate.