Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Contractual Agreements

In any reasonably peaceful and prosperous society, the law of contract is of paramount importance.  In Nilkawt, all contracts must assume a fiduciary, psychological and physiological duty of care on the part of all parties.

There are many types of contracts within Nilkawt, the most important of which is the Contract of Transcendence.  That type of contract transcends time and space for the whole of eternity.

In addition, it is always necessary to note that a Contract of Comedy is difficult to compose, particularly as most comedy fails to transcend time, space and culture adequately.  The Nilkawtian Humour Rights Commissioner understands this problem very well indeed.

Particularly in social contracts, it is necessary to ask and answer the most suitable questions.  It is also necessary to examine the international and historical aspects of contracts very carefully indeed.  Contracts of Historically Informed Performances are certainly necessary in any society.

In Nilkawt, music is always presented in live performances without microphones, and without annoying the neighbours.  There are no broadcast or digital services.  There are no mechanisms permitted for playing musical recordings.  Nor is there even a pianola permitted within Nilkawtian territory.

Barrel organs are only permitted in front of the Treasury building, next to the old Royal Palace, and only whilst wearing a very silly costume in order to resemble a member of the Suidae family.  A proper, genuine permit must also be acquired for such purposes, subject to the successful completion of the paperwork, the auditions and the payment of fees.

Musical boxes and musical snuff boxes are only permitted in museums, and only then if part of the collection on permanent display.  Kazoos are certainly not permitted anywhere in Nilkawt, and nor are vuvuzelas, thundersticks, whoopee cushions, descant recorders, bagpipes or impersonations of Ethel Merman.

Nilkawtians pride themselves on their Contracts of Hospitality, even when outside Nilkawtian territory.  Excellent contracts, anywhere in the world, help humanity to uphold creativity, freedom and peace.  Any international treaty is itself a form of contract, particularly when upheld and supported through the Enlightened Nations.

Contracts with future generations usually require the development, maintenance and protection of excellent archives.  In view of this, the Nilkawtians have located various parts of their own archives in various locations, to maintain the security of those records.

Some of the highly important archival documents owned by the most esteemed of Nilkawtian institutions are even held outside Nilkawtian territory.  This is to ensure the entire world has the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge within those records, rather than only Nilkawtian citizens and authorised visitors to Nilkawt, subject to the signing of contracts.