Friday, 24 April 2015

Immigration Review

For many years, no diplomatic immunity has been granted to anyone visiting Nilkawt.  Nor has anyone ever been offered any sort of asylum within Nilkawtian territory.

To visit Nilkawt as a tourist, or for any other reason for that matter, it has always been necessary beforehand to be familiar with the entry requirements.  It has also be necessary to be fully conversant with the mission of this embassy and with the various activities of the government of Nilkawt.

The penalties for lapses in attentiveness to such matters have frequently been severe.  The ability to obtain visas for visiting Nilkawt should, therefore, always be considered as a privilege.

Visitors wishing to participate in a tour of the royal palace upon arrival in Twaklinton, the capital of Nilkawt, are particularly advised to ensure they understand the essential processes and procedures to be followed.  It is always wise to avoid unnecessary embarrassment wherever possible.

Several former Nilkawtian cabinet members were responsible for maintaining the above policies, including:

The former Defence Minister

The former Minister for Immigration and Broader Inspection

The former Attorney-General

The new Minister for Peace and Justice believes an urgent review of immigration matters is required.  Such a review will probably examine the types of visas offered, the eligibility criteria, the fees for visas, fines for unruly visitors, and the removal from Nilkawtian territory of persons overstaying their welcome.

The review will be supervised by the Minister for Natural Limitations and Sustainable Trade, with some assistance likely to be provided by the Minister for Brilliance, Prosperity and Pleasant Foreign Relations.