Thursday, 16 April 2015

Minister for Health, Defence and Delightful Environments

It is very rare indeed for any society to discuss its health system in the same context as its defence and delightful environments.  To defend a society adequately always requires a suitable defence of its health system and its delightful environments, at least according to the Nilkawtian Constitution.

The announcement, therefore, that a new Nilkawtian minister has been appointed for health, defence and delightful environments, with a combined package of significant responsibilities, has been greeted with much celebration and relief by the Nilkawtians.  They have been without a minister for health for some years now.  Their defence has been forsaken for interpersonal belligerence on many occasions.  And they have always known that they have the world's most beautiful and delightful environments within and between their own relatively healthy settlements.

The new ministry will combine the responsibilities of several former ministries.  For example, the new minister will be expected to take on many of the duties formerly the responsibility of the former Minister for Energy, Upkeep and Equal Opportunities, as well as the activities formerly performed by the former Minister for Useful Employment, the former Environment Minister, the former Minister of Agriculture and the former Defence Minister.  Such tasks will be in addition to those required of a Health Minister.

The former Defence Minister is currently considering acquiring a small country property of her own, preferably around the size of a small country.  She has been consulting her Uncle Bulldust on the matter.

There is a possibility that Anna Creek may soon be annexed as an exclave of Nilkawt, though no pets or livestock or feral beasts are currently permitted within any Nilkawtian territory.

The new Nilkawtian Minister for Health, Defence and Delightful Environments is Lady Verity (Veri) Goode, the current Trade and Investment Commissioner for Nilkawt and the sister of the former Defence Minister.  Lady Veri has agreed to continue with her duties as a commissioner until a suitably qualified replacement for that position can be found.  It is also most fortunate indeed that Lady Veri was also recently appointed to the board of the Bank of Nilkawt.