Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Minister for Science, Arts and Enlightenment

It is with great relief that several aspects of the recent legal challenge have been overturned and more announcements about the current cabinet of Nilkawt are therefore now permitted to be made.

In addition to the new and enthusiastic Minister for Housing, the people of Nilkawt have been delighted to receive the news that they now have a Minister for Science, Arts and Enlightenment.  This is certainly a great improvement on the recent situation.  No-one is more delighted than the former Minister for Arts and Sciences, who is now on a junk food tour of the world and therefore far too busy eating to comment further.

There has been no Minister for Enlightenment in Nilkawt since 1789, which is why the former Minister for Arts and Sciences was required to chair cabinet meetings.  In most other parliamentary societies, prime ministers chair most of the cabinet meetings, which is why such occasions are meant to be confidential, to avoid further embarrassment.  Most prime ministers in the world can quite easily be regarded as unenlightened ministers, as can most of their cabinet colleagues.

The new Nilkawtian Minister for Science, Arts and Enlightenment, Caroline Stein, will chair all future cabinet meetings, at least until the end of her current term of office.  In addition, Ms Stein will review all aspects of Nilkawtian life to determine whether they are truly in accordance with Enlightenment principles.

Ms Stein was formerly a colleague of the former foreign minister of Nilkawt, when they were both Australian scientists of some international renown.  Since they were both made redundant on the same day, and no scientific openings were then available in Australia, they sought new job opportunities in Nilkawt.  Ms Stein therefore became an investment manager within the Bank of Nilkawt.

Although she has only been a Nilkawtian resident for the past twelve months, and a citizen for only eight months, Ms Stein is delighted to have made her home in the most energy efficient and prosperous part of Twaklinton, the Nilkawtian capital.  Her citizenship status was fast-tracked as a consequence of her own excellent investments of time, skill and money in the Nilkawtian economy.

Ms Stein is hoping her presence at the head of the cabinet will contribute to a large amount of international capital transferring to Nilkawt quite soon.