Thursday, 21 May 2015

Uncommon Law

Nilkawt has the world's least adversarial legal system.  It also has the world's least adversarial society.  This is mainly due to the fact that the uncommon law of Nilkawt reduces unnecessary competitiveness and upholds the principles of interpersonal niceness.

In Nilkawt, the Rights of Creativity are upheld in accordance with the principle that those rights should not interfere with the rights of others to express their own creativity.  The Rights of Sleeping, and the Rights of Dreaming, are also upheld in a similar manner.  This is why all full citizens of Nilkawt are entitled to possess and enjoy their own individual bedrooms, without interference, in sickness and in health.

Unlike common law, civil law, religious law and customary law, the Nilkawtian uncommon law system begins with the Little Ben of Rights, as enshrined in the preamble to the Nilkawtian Constitution.  This allows all full citizens to behave uncommonly. 

For example, the Little Ben of Rights:

1. Gave the former foreign minister of Nilkawt the right to express his creativity by communing with nature, not just as a naturalist but also as a naturist.  He had no interest at all in commuting long distances on behalf of the Nilkawtian people and therefore could express his creativity and portfolio responsibilities locally.

2. Gave the former attorney-general of Nilkawt the right to express her creativity through the writing of romantic novelettes, and through the study of science, history and music.  She also had the right to express her creativity in accordance with her portfolio and the social networking opportunities it provided.

3. Gives the Nilkawtian people the right to exclusive possession of their own properties, faculties and factories, should they so desire.

4. Gives the Nilkawtian head of state the right to establish new Nilkawtian governmental structures when and where she pleases.

5. Gives the Nilkawtian head of state the right to establish her patronage of any educational institution within Nilkawtian territory, as well as the right to withhold or refuse her patronage, as she sees fit.

6. Gives the Nilkawtian legal profession the right to maintain courtesy and consistency in an uncommonly civilised manner.

7. Gives official Nilkawtian historians the right to provide the official evidence of Nilkawt's past, as long as all official Nilkawtian historians can agree on an official interpretation.  All official Nilkawtian historians have a right to disagree with the interpretation of historical evidence.  Unofficial historians have the right to provide unofficial evidence, as long as it is actually based on evidence.

8. Gives all Nilkawtians the right to challenge any aspect of Nilkawtian law, as long as they respect the Constitution.

9. Gives the current Minister for Science, Arts and Enlightenment the right to chair cabinet meetings.

10. Gives the current Minister for Education, Training and Interpersonal Niceties the right to open and close his social networking activities as he desires.

11. Gives anyone, anywhere in the world, the right to question the propriety of the Nilkawtian financial system.

12. Gives the current Minister for Peace and Justice the right to complain about anything, in accordance with the rule of law.

Around the world there are many types of legislatures and many types of legal systems.  The common law is the basis of about a third of those systems.  The uncommon law is only the basis of the Nilkawtian system.  There is no civil law precedent in Nilkawt in either the non-criminal sense, the Roman sense or the municipal sense

All matters relating to the Nilkawtian Constitution derive from Nilkawt's membership of the Enlightened Nations.  Nilkawt therefore exist in accordance with the only valid expression of international law.  This is why the Nilkawtian legal system is so uncommon.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Investment Opportunities

Nilkawt is home to many potentially rewarding investment opportunities,  This is especially the case now that a new cabinet has been sworn in.

A great deal of information about the business climate in Nilkawt is sometimes obtainable through various government offices in and around Twaklinton, the capital city.  The first stop, for many prospective investors was, until recently, the opulent official office of the former (sub) Prime Minister.

Supervisory attendants were occasionally on hand in the crowded corridor outside the office to manage the disorderly queue.  Even with written confirmation of a proper appointment, visitors were often required to wait for several hours after their scheduled two-minute briefings were meant to begin. 

To alleviate the problem of discourteous impatience, visitors were usually encouraged to distract themselves with the generously supplied and highly artistic Nilkawtian pogo sticks.  Often, the waiting persons in business suits and  morning suits, with or without lawsuits, became so distracted by the noise, and by their own efforts to jump the queue, that they entirely forgot the purpose of their visit.  Most could not hear their names being called at all.

At the same time, damage to the inlaid marble floor in the corridor was considerable.  The cost of repairs, as well as the unforeseen additional demand upon the nearby hospital emergency pogo out of patience department required a change of policy.

As with medical appointments, business appointments are rarely satisfactory when excessively brief.  Whenever an excellent investment opportunity is likely to be mutually beneficial, much more time and effort is required in order to identify the costs and benefits.

Persons with impatience and an excessively aggressive seriousness of purpose often left the corridor outside the office of the (sub) Prime Minister immediately after realising they were waiting for longer than anticipated.  Many subsequently turned up at other government offices, demanding to be seen and even heard.

Most of the individuals considering their prior treatment to have been rude usually aimed to visit the resplendent office of the former Minister for Courtesy and Moral Philosophy.

Individuals considering their treatment to have been unfair usually had the intention of visiting the sumptuous office of the former Minister for Energy, Upkeep and Equal Opportunities.

Those considering their treatment to be lacking in sufficient acknowledgement of their inconvenience usually made their way towards the gorgeous office of the former Minister for Arts and Sciences.

Persons considering their treatment to have been illegal usually set off immediately for the imposing office of the former Attorney-General.

A similar waiting procedure in all Nilkawtian government offices meant that even more demand was placed on the nearby hospital.  In view of this, the new cabinet has decided to ensure its offices are well away from each other, and well away from all hospitals.

In addition, pogo sticks have now been banned from Nilkawtian territory, having been redefined as sporting equipment instead of business tools.  Please note that sporting injuries are liable for much higher out of pocket expenditure than business injuries in Nilkawt.

All new applications for business visas for Nilkawt will require appointments to be made well in advance with the new Minister for Natural Limitations and Sustainable Trade.

To make the most of any investment opportunities in Nilkawt, please ensure you are familiar with the latest Nilkawtian business news.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Events in the Thrown Room

Tomorrow, in the Thrown Room, the announcement will be made for the next Nilkawtian elections.  For anyone unfamiliar with Nilkawtian election processes, this digital embassy will provide plenty of excellent guidance, at least until a grand closing occurs. 

It is fortunate indeed that grand closings are of limited duration and a grand reopening can subsequently be experienced.  Traditionally, the Thrown Room is considered to be a part of Parliament, even though it is a completely separate institution.

The current Thrown Room is in the new Royal Palace in Twaklinton, the capital city.  Most of Parliament sits in the Palace of the Parlours, in the former capital, Matildaville.

The old throne room, in the old royal palace, in the old village of Arthurity, was decommissioned when the new palace was built.  The old throne room has since been transformed into a reasonably priced dormitory for temporary residents.  It is also used as a temporary shelter in severe weather conditions for permanent residents without the funds and ability to flee the area.

The new Thrown Room is fittingly grand, rather than fitted with numerous bunk beds.  This makes it ideal as a venue for elegant discussions concerning political reform or any other urgent or exciting matter. 

Whenever the Thrown Room is not required for official purposes, it may be hired for private celebrations but not political ones.  The fees required obviously reflect the quality of the location, as do the additional charges.

It should not be forgotten, however, that the new Thrown Room is in the capital city, hence its capital letters.  The old throne room was originally called the Throne Room, not the Thrown Room, but for reasons of clarity, particularly when making bookings, it is now known as the old throne room.  However, neither the old throne room or the new Thrown Room are suitable for games.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Constitutional Duties

It is most fortunate indeed that Her Illustrious Highness, Twaklin I, the Ethereal Grand Duchess of Nilkawt is no longer in exile and can therefore perform her constitutional duties with the dignity they deserve.  Societal unrest is always a sign of constitutional disturbance and the need for reform.

It is also fortunate that Her Illustrious Highness has permitted one of her private secretaries, Lord Gregory Gobsmack-Twittering, Earl of Foolya, to establish a hologrammatic tea pavilion on the Foolya Plains for constitutional and navigational purposes.  Tea pavilions are always a sign of civilisation.

It may even be fortunate that Lady Philophrosyne Facebookian-Flabberghast, Countess of Cupateeunkaique, has been given permission to do likewise within her own territory.  A hologrammatic tea pavilion is therefore in the process of being appropriately constituted in the Cupateeunkaique Parklands.

It is possible that constitutional fortune may also shine a light in other parts of Nilkawt.  For example, an initial application has just been received from Lord Dughall Google Platter-Plus-Bugle, Earl of Backoutshire.  The establishment of a similar hologrammatic facility in the back garden of one of the many training establishments in Backoutshire appears to be almost inevitable.

The constitutional benefits of hologrammatic tea pavilions are immensely clear to the Nilkawtians.  This is a refreshing relief to the Government of Nilkawt.  Social agitation is never to be commended, whether by tourists, business visitors, temporary residents, temporary citizens or permanent citizens.  Everyone must perform their constitutional duties within Nilkawtian territory.

For further information in relation to the Constitution of Nilkawt, particularly concerning your own duties as a potential visitor, please examine the following documentation:

Head of State

Embassy Grand Closing

Election Results

Minister for Peace and Justice