Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Events in the Thrown Room

Tomorrow, in the Thrown Room, the announcement will be made for the next Nilkawtian elections.  For anyone unfamiliar with Nilkawtian election processes, this digital embassy will provide plenty of excellent guidance, at least until a grand closing occurs. 

It is fortunate indeed that grand closings are of limited duration and a grand reopening can subsequently be experienced.  Traditionally, the Thrown Room is considered to be a part of Parliament, even though it is a completely separate institution.

The current Thrown Room is in the new Royal Palace in Twaklinton, the capital city.  Most of Parliament sits in the Palace of the Parlours, in the former capital, Matildaville.

The old throne room, in the old royal palace, in the old village of Arthurity, was decommissioned when the new palace was built.  The old throne room has since been transformed into a reasonably priced dormitory for temporary residents.  It is also used as a temporary shelter in severe weather conditions for permanent residents without the funds and ability to flee the area.

The new Thrown Room is fittingly grand, rather than fitted with numerous bunk beds.  This makes it ideal as a venue for elegant discussions concerning political reform or any other urgent or exciting matter. 

Whenever the Thrown Room is not required for official purposes, it may be hired for private celebrations but not political ones.  The fees required obviously reflect the quality of the location, as do the additional charges.

It should not be forgotten, however, that the new Thrown Room is in the capital city, hence its capital letters.  The old throne room was originally called the Throne Room, not the Thrown Room, but for reasons of clarity, particularly when making bookings, it is now known as the old throne room.  However, neither the old throne room or the new Thrown Room are suitable for games.