Monday, 15 June 2015

Magnanimity Charter

For more than 2,500 years, no-one is quite sure how long before that time, the Constitution of Nilkawt has upheld the principles of the Magnanimity Charter.

In an hour from now, in this digital embassy, the ambassador, Her Excellency Madam Magda Carter, will preside over one of the most important Nilkawtian ceremonies.

Every one hundred years, this ceremony is performed by the most senior member of the Order of the Charter in accordance with ancient Nilkawtian traditions.

The ceremony is arranged, supervised, witnessed and documented by the most senior members of the Nilkawtian Faculty of Official Historians.

Nilkawt has the world's most magnanimous system of honours, hence its democratic suitability.

The enlightenment shining forth from Nilkawt into the wider world, particularly during this United Nations International Year of Light, reflects the necessity for a magnanimous yet light approach to facts, without triviality or distortion.  Everything must be kept in proportion.

The Nilkawtian Magnanimity Charter states that all ideologies are based on prejudices and can be overcome with education and psychological assistance.  The Charter requires that all conflicts are diffused peacefully, through the greater diffusion of enlightenment and reflection.

Madam Carter has been expressing her diplomatic leadership through the world's quality media recently, as required of her through the Magnanimity Charter, and though her membership of the Order of the Charter.

The Charter requires all the most distinguished visitors to Nilkawt to be addressed as Your Worship, in accordance with the secular nature of Nilkawtian society.

All ethereal cultural ambassadors for Nilkawt, whether known to be Nilkawtians or not, are required, in keeping with the Charter, to promote Nilkawtian interests whenever and wherever the opportunity arises.  They are also required to be appropriately dressed for addressing the global public. The ethereal commissioners of Nilkawt are expected to do likewise, particularly whilst travelling the world.