Thursday, 2 July 2015

Artistry Registry and Tribunal

The Nilkawtian Artistry Registry and Tribunal (ART) has a prominent place in the cultural life of all Nilkawtians.  Anyone seeking to be taken seriously as an artistic person in Nilkawt is required to register with the registry at their earliest opportunity.

The registry registers all art forms alphabetically, with an intricate cross-referencing system to ensure no-one's talents are overlooked.  Within each art form, all persons are registered by date of application.  All applications must be made in person.

Once the artistic claims of a person are registered, it is up to the public to decide upon the quality of those claims.  Being able to identify true artistry is an important skill to acquire in Nilkawt.

Actors and art teachers are usually listed under A in the register.  All teachers and most tutors in Nilkawt are classified as performing artists, hence both they and the actors are also listed under P for performing and T for teaching and/or tutoring.

Amateurs are also required to register with the registry if they have aspirations towards artistic careers.  Talent in Nilkawt is rarely confined to persons paid to express it.

The artistry tribunal exists to prevent anyone claiming unfair rights over the talents of others.  The tribunal therefore examines complaints by artistic persons and about artistic persons.

Criticism of the arts is itself an art form, therefore critics are registered in the registry under C.  Music critics are also registered under M.  Reviewers are likely to be listed under C and R, at least if they have any credibility.

Crafts may or may not be arts.  All arts have aesthetic qualities rather than merely functional ones.

The tribunal has the authority, under administrative law, to decide whether anyone's artistry is of a standard suitable for state support.  Only former recipients of state-funded Artistry Refinement Twaklinesque (ART) grants may adjudicate at the tribunal itself.