Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Chancery Additional Official Offices

Given the large amount of work conducted through this embassy, the front office, in the annex of Villa Twaklinilkawt, here in Adelaide, is only one of the official diplomatic offices of the Nilkawtians in this vicinity.  The chancery has several additional official and unofficial offices in the observation tower of Villa Twaklinilkawt.  These are reached initially by a lift in the back office of the annex, which is obviously situated behind the small front office.

The front office of this embassy is certainly not a front for anything or anyone other than Nilkawt itself as a country and as a society.  Most other diplomatic services, maintained by non-Nilkawtian governments, like their armed services and financial institutions, are mainly for the benefit of front organisations associated with those governments.

The back office of this embassy is mainly used as a store room for copies of official documents, records of account and various application forms.  No cash is stored on the premises.

The lift is to be found behind a curtain at the back or the back office.  It only goes downwards, though fortunately it also moves upwards again after it has reached the bottom.

The lift opens, towards the bottom of the lift shaft, inside a large and busy room.  This is where the Nilkawtian intelligence services are usually based, along with their extensive underground networks of digital technologies and underground railways.

In an easterly direction, under the annex, the underground transport network leads towards Mount Lofty.  The Nilkawtians managed, several years ago, to usurp the power of the previous holders of an extensive network of tunnels and caves.  They did so using a brilliant device for deciphering crypts, scripts and cryptosystems.

In a northerly direction, under the annex, an underground train leads to another lift, taking passengers up to the ground floor of the observation tower itself.  The method of reaching the upper floors of the observation tower is a top level secret revealed only to persons with access to the digital keys.

The entire international diplomatic corps has been wondering for many years how to gain intelligence about Nilkawt.  This digital embassy has obviously been established to assist them in the name of world peace.

Most members of most governments, in most parts of the world, consider anyone more enlightened than themselves to be enemies.  This is most unfortunate.  In fact, such thinking often extends through all areas of their bureaucratic and militaristic hierarchies and into schools and hospitals and even into many homes.  The Nilkawtian intelligent services have been documenting the situation, with much dismay, for many years.

On several upper floors of the observation tower, the chancery of the Embassy of Nilkawt has exclusive use of many facilities.  These areas are out of bounds to all but the official assistants to the ambassador and her staff, hence those rooms are not accessible on an ordinary tour of Villa Twaklinilkawt. 

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