Friday, 23 October 2015

Compassion in Cupateeunkaique

Nilkawtians are known for their compassion, at least whenever their minds are healthy.  The maintenance of healthy minds is fortunately enshrined in the Constitution of Nilkawt.  This ensures Nilkawtian society can remain the most compassionate in the world.

The Nilkawtian county of Cupateeunkaique is the global heart of compassion.  Persons with unhealthy minds are usually removed from Cupateeunkaique as soon as their ill health is discovered.  Appropriate remedies are administered immediately in a secure facility in the county of Dada, not just to mentally unhealthy persons but to anyone likely to have been psychologically contaminated by distress.

Psychological assessments are necessary in many areas of Nilkawtian social life, hence all Nilkawtians have been trained in the rudiments of clinical psychology.  It is for this reason that rudeness is never tolerated in Nilkawt except for legitimate, dramatic purposes.

Persons possessing inadequate compassion, whether sober or inebriated, are usually prevented from entering Nilkawtian territory.  Earlier trauma is no excuse for nastiness.  Earlier experience as a victim of bullying never justifies aggression.  Ignorance is no excuse for abuse.  Irritability should be expressed only through beautiful art and courteous dialogue.

Within Cupateeunkaique there are plenty of supportive advocacy services.  There are plenty of lovely places in which to relax.  There are plenty of meaningful events through which to express love and support and kindness.

All the training services within Cupateeunkaique teach and express compassion through effective altruism.  Nilkawtians successfully completing that training, as well as the trainers themselves, provide outreach services throughout the world.

All products sold in Cupateeunkaique include embedded generosity.  All registered philanthropic activities throughout Nilkawt are, in addition, suitably monitored to ensure the funds are spent appropriately.

Providers of professional services anywhere in Nilkawt or Australia are encouraged by the Nilkawtian head of state to offer pro bono services wherever and whenever appropriate.  Her Illustrious Highness does so herself on a regular basis, setting the standard of compassion for all citizens, residents and visitors to follow. 

All Nilkawtians are encouraged to lead by the example set by the ethereal grand duchess.  They are permitted to do so within Nilkawt, within Australia, and within any other location for that matter. 

Generosity is especially encouraged by Her Illustrious Highness during the biennial Nilkawt Philanthropy Festival, which occurs in Cupateeunkaique during the Nilkawtian social season in odd years, usually in mid December.

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