Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Foolya Biennale

At the same time as the Nilkawt Festival of Philanthropy occurs in Cupateeunkaique, the Foolya Biennale takes place mainly in Fact.  In fact, Fact is the main town in the county of Foolya.

As with any Biennale, the exhibits in Fact give new meaning to otherwise ordinary elements.  Beyond Fact, there are additional events and launches in Spectacle, another of the Foolya towns.

There is a folk art festival concurrently in Spectacle, in the BuyFolk Hall, with many craft items and amateur artworks for sale.  The folk art festival is called The BuyinEarly.

Craft items with a high level of artistic skill are usually available for sale in the Double Vision Fantasy Arcade.  Most are usually subsequently sold at highly inflated prices in the shops and galleries of Elegantshire. 

For amateurs wishing to become professionals, there are chances to enter exhibits, for a small fee, in the My Hope Year display in the village hall in Rubbish. 

Arts professionals are expected to display their work in the main Biennale pavilions.  In the Foolya Biennale, there are many pavilions in which to display artworks.  These are permanent structures.  They are usually used to house low-income Nilkawtian artists.

During the Biennale, the usual artists in residence, who are not usually known as artists-in-residence but as resident artists in Fact, are ousted from their permanent accommodation temporarily so that the rooms and gardens can be used purely for artistic purposes.  Short-term rental of the spaces as galleries, in addition to entry fees, commissions from sales of the artworks on display, and fees for promotional, catering and other visitor uses of the facilities, usually cover all the living costs of the usually-resident artists for at least three years ahead.

The artists usually in residence, meanwhile, are housed temporarily, at public expense, in a luxurious, exclusive arts resort on the outskirts of Address, another of the Foolya towns.  The artist in question cannot usually afford to display their own artworks at the Biennale. 

They are additionally usually ineligible to display their art works in the BuyFolk Hall and Double Vision Fantasy Arcade in Spectacle due to the uselessness of the items they produce.  And as they consider themselves to be professionals, all artists usually in residence have, at least at some stage of their lifetimes, claimed to receive an income in return for producing at least one work of art.  They are, therefore, ineligible to present their works in the My Hope Year display in Rubbish.

The arts resort, Patronage, also provides guest rooms exclusively for eligible Australian talent scouts, literary agents, art dealers, arts critics, opera directors and film producers, subject to visa considerations and the ability to pay.  The Patronage facilities may be booked all year round, subject to availability. 

Please note that there are no credit card facilities in Nilkawt, even when wishing to buy a masterpiece or extend a visa.

Beyond Foolya, in the Nilkawtian capital city of Twaklinton, the Twaklinnale takes place simultaneously in and around the royal palace.  The glittering, invitation-only opening event of the Twaklinnale is a celebration of the excellent, Nilkawtian non-alcoholic beer and the traditional, surprisingly creamy, non-alcoholic Nilkawtian ale. 

The Twaklinnale also celebrates the delicious, traditional organic Nilkawtian vegan sausages, the traditional organic Nilkawtian herb breads, olive oil, salads, raw and cooked onions and beautiful music.  The celebration is popularly known as the beer and ale event, especially by persons unable to obtain an invitation.

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