Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Health Institutes

Each settlement in Nilkawt has its own health institutes.  It also has its own libraries, its own archives, grocery shops, fruit shops, bakeries, tearooms, hardware suppliers, workshops, tutorial halls, food processing and preservation facilities, transportation services, concert rooms and art galleries.

There are usually at least three health institutes within each Nilkawtian settlement:

Institute of Primary Health

Primary health care in Nilkawt usually involves any scientifically valid attempt to keep everyone safe and healthy.  The importance of primary health care is highly respected and properly supported and funded in Nilkawt.  The services are suitable co-ordinated within and between settlements, through the Nilkawtian Federation of Primary Health Care Institutes.

Institute of Paramedical Practice

Paramedical practice in Nilkawt usually involves any scientifically valid, initial attempt to alleviate illness or injury, aid recovery and intervene in emergencies.  The importance of paramedicine in Nilkawt is also highly respected.  In fact,  completing the training in all aspects of primary health and paramedical practice is necessary in order to attain full Nillkawtian citizenship.

Institute of Emergency Hygiene 

Although the nearest Institute of Primary Health deals with most aspects of hygiene and disease control, there are occasionally emergency situations in which an additional level of knowledge and authority is required.  Institutes of Paramedical Practice do not have the expertise with which to control epidemics and pandemics.  These often require powers of intervention and exclusion. 

Major emergencies require additional co-ordination above the usual, routine level.  Recovering from disasters and other tragedies requires the involvement of support services.  This also applies to persons assisting in difficult situations, who certainly need support themselves, hence the Institute for Emergency Hygiene provides counselling and assistance for anyone involved with primary health care, paramedical practice and the support of anyone experiencing a crisis or ongoing distress. 

Other health institutes

The aforementioned health institutes are all generalist providers of services.  In addition, there are usually at least two specialist health institutes within each settlement.  Guest accommodation in each settlement is usually supplied in association with those specialist institutes.

Throughout Nilkawt, it is possible to find heart care institutes, nerve care institutes, bone care institutes, cartilage care institutes, eye care institutes, ear care institutes, foot care institutes, colon care institutes, lady care institutes, man care institutes, lung care institutes, liver care institutes, etc.