Thursday, 15 October 2015

Laws Against Trespassers and Other Nuisances

To trespass in Nilkawt is a serious offence.  All land is held by the ethereal grand duchy in perpetuity as the crowning glory of Nilkawtian society.  It is in order to maintain the laws against trespassers and nuisances that visa fees and training fees are uncommonly high, in accordance with the Uncommon Law.

Persons entering Nilkawtian territory by mistake will obviously be required to defend themselves sufficiently.  This embassy therefore aims to provide all the initial warnings to prevent such mistakes from occurring.

Anyone hiking near the Nilkawtian borders without the appropriate paperwork will certainly be challenged if caught by members of the Grand Guard of Kawtiers, or any other Nilkawtians, whether fully clothed or not.  Alleged trespassers will then be brought before the Twaklinian Tribunal of Broader Inspection for dramatically intimidating interrogations.

In addition, this embassy is required to mention that no nuisances are permitted to enter Nilkawt.  In most societies, trespassers and other nuisances cost a great deal of money, time and effort to control.  The Nilkawtians certainly wish to avoid such expense and inconvenience.

All types of land licensing in Nilkawt is clearly marked symbolically on all gates and other boundaries.  This is to ensure tourists stay in tourist areas and business visitors stay in business areas and foreign students stay where they are told to stay and foreign workers stay where foreign workers are meant to stay. 

Private Nilkawtian citizens have the sole right of occupancy and enjoyment of the areas licensed for purely private purposes.  Places licensed as public spaces are the only locations where Nilkawtians and visitors may mingle freely, within the limits of reason decorum. 

Royal areas are managed under strict protocols.  Industrial, agricultural and conservation areas are also licensed under highly managed and carefully supervised procedures.

Peaceful societies make it clear where boundaries exist.  They ensure the public is properly educated about the reasons for various boundaries to exist.  They also make it appropriately clear about the penalties for crossing boundaries without the proper licences and permits.  Force is therefore rarely necessary in Nilkawt.

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