Monday, 2 November 2015

Diplomatic Gifts

The giving and receiving of gifts is often an embarrassing experience.  This particularly applies in the field of diplomacy.  In fact, the field of diplomacy often has much in common with a battlefield behind the scenes.

If you are eager to provide a diplomatic gift to Nilkawt, there is a strict protocol in place concerning donations, gifts and bequests.

Initially, you will be required to provide:

1.  A full description of the item you wish to supply, the reasons for doing so, and the additional sum you will provide to cover the ongoing costs for the display, protection and preservation of the item.

2.  A full description of the proposed gift your country wishes to receive in return from Nilkawt and why your government or head of state wishes to acquire that item.

3. Your digital diplomacy credentials.

Please note that the Nilkawtian head of state has no desire to acquire material gifts of a personal nature.  Her Illustrious Highness therefore does not accept items for her personal use though she is occasionally willing to auction valuable items for philanthropic purposes.