Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Refreshingly Responsible Retreats

Effective measures are in place to ensure every retreat provided in Nilkawtian territory is refreshingly responsible.

Unlike tourists, who usually wish to travel around and enjoy the culture and scenery during their time in Nilkawt, retreatants usually desire to be free of most activity and change, at least for a while.

Unlike business persons, who usually wish to profit financially from their time in Nilkawt, retreatants usually want to forget about money completely, at least for a while.

Unlike students, who usually wish to complete their educational and training requirements successfully in Nilkawt, retreatants merely wish to learn more about themselves, if possible.

Unlike job seekers, who mainly wish to find rewarding employment in Nilkawt, retreatants want to forget about the stresses of work and other responsibilities for a while, or forever.

Unlike politicians, who are often unsure about what they want, retreatants want some time away from politics.

Unlike diplomats, who have responsibility mainly for maintaining peace, retreatants just want peace.

All retreats in Nilkawt are run responsibly to ensure safety, security and privacy are maintained satisfactorily.  The accommodation is always simple yet quiet and comfortable.  The food is fresh and delicious and never too much or too little.  There are also a few gentle rules in place, to ensure that all retreatants respect the needs of all other retreatants sufficiently.

All leaders of retreats in Nilkawt are highly trained practitioners in the art of peaceful living.  They do not intrude into the space of the retreatants but merely guide where necessary.

A retreat in Nilkawt is an individual experience.  There are no group activities.  There is no peer pressure.  There is very little conversation.  For most of the time there is silence.

The rhythms of nature mark the passing of time each day.  There is time to reflect.  There is time to walk and breathe and listen to the self and the Earth.  There is time to read and time to write and time to delight in just being alive.

Before being eligible to attend a retreat in Nilkawt, it is necessary to attend a digital pre-retreat experience in the virtual vicinity of Villa Twaklinilkawt in Adelaide.