Thursday, 21 January 2016

Traditional Transitional Arrangements

Today, all the official staff of the digital Embassy of Nilkawt will be participating in the World Enlightenment Forum.  This is a very important day.  One of the main sessions of the forum this morning will be on the meaning of tradition in the process of transition.

It is an overcast, warm and humid morning here in Adelaide.  This is unusual.  As all Nilkawtians are well aware, anything unusual is not traditional.

The unusual often has a detrimental effect on traditions, especially when the unusual transforms into a permanent change.  Adaptions to changes may be welcomed, defied or even denied whenever freedom of expression is permitted.

It is not yet known how most Adelaideans, and most visitors to Adelaide, feel about the weather today.  They may believe they have woken up in Darwin or Townsville, or somewhere equally uncomfortable at this time of year.

Here in Adelaide, at 7.30 this morning, the official weather data was as follows:

No wind  0.0kph
Higher than usual humidity 49%
Pleasant temperature 23C

Yet all official announcements through this embassy are usually published at 9am, including this one. Please note, therefore, that the official weather data is likely to be different as the day progresses. 

No weather data is yet available for the predicted conditions today in Nilkawt.  If you intend to travel to Nilkawt from Adelaide today, whether by car, bicycle, tricycle, roller skates or by any other means of transportation, please ensure you are familiar with the environmental conditions en route.

Please also note that there are non-traditional transitional arrangements in place at this embassy today.  A genuine, Nilkawtian automaton will be sitting at the reception desk here in the annex for much of the day, to assist with your questions about traditional transitional arrangements and other Nilkawtian traditions. 

As long as you speak clearly and slowly, and rather loudly, the remarkably lifelike automaton, Anne Sazz, will be able to reply to your questions with accuracy, courtesy and efficiency on any of the following matters: