Thursday, 28 January 2016

Transition to a Right Royal Republic

On Tuesday, in the royal palace in Twaklinton, the current head of state of the Nilkawtian constitutional monarchy gave a highly significant speech. 

Her Illustrious Highness gently pointed out that there are no government structures, anywhere in the world, as advanced as those already in place in Nilkawt.  All official Nilkawtians agree that future constitutional arrangements are the most important matters in any society.

It became obvious from the speech that Her Illustrious Highness supports the careful, gradual, constitutional implementation of a Nilkawtian right royal republic.  The ethereal grand duchess believes over-excited adulation towards individuals such as herself is exceedingly distasteful, as is over-excited hostility.  It is even more distasteful, in her view, to respond in an over-excited manner towards persons less worthy of great honour.

In the highly informed opinion of the ethereal grand duchess, the second Age of Enlightenment requires simple, effective and peaceful transitional arrangements to be developed and implemented all over the world.  In uncorrupted societies, these arrangements will lead, in her view, towards dignified, respectable, respectful, peaceful, fair and prosperous democratic republics.

A more enlightened form of democracy in Nilkawt, in her view, is unlikely to be supplied through the current Constitution of Nilkawt.  In the speech, the grand duchess stated that to have both a monarchy and a democracy is an impossibility, given the fact that monarchy means the rule of one and democracy means the rule of many.

In any society, Her Illustrious Highness proclaimed, who the many should be is just as important as who the one should be, hence the importance of an enlightened education.

It has been a great honour for this embassy to have been officially permitted to report upon the speech.

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