Monday, 15 February 2016

Valued Time Day

Yesterday was Valued Time Day in Nilkawt.  This annual occasion is usually celebrated in a very private way, which is why mention of it is rarely made through this embassy.

This year, however, the Nilkawtian Head of State, Her Illustrious Highness the Ethereal Grand Duchess chose to spend her Valued Time Day in Australia.  Many well-informed persons are aware that Her Illustrious Highness holds a salon for world peace whenever she is in Australia.

Within Nilkawt itself, there is no reason at all for Her Illustrious Highness to bother about the rest of the world.  When in Nilkawt, it is her duty, on behalf of the Nilkawtian people, to bother about them.

Valued Time Day was instigated by a former Nilkawtian Minister for Useful Employment, Doctor Hester Proctor.  Doctor Proctor, and many of her government colleagues at the time, believed it wise to value everyone's time sufficiently on at least one day of the year.

When visiting Nilkawt, or this digital embassy, it would be wise to value everyone's time sufficiently at every moment, every day.  You may wish to do the same in Australia, or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

Valued Time Day has become the traditional day upon which new Rights and Deeds packages are handed to Nilkawtians, especially new Nilkawtians.  These packages provide the recipients with valuable information about land titles, social titles and entitlements.  They are encouraged to take the time to read and remember the information thoroughly.

The Nilkawtian Head of State is frequently responsible for making an important government announcement.  Unimportant government announcements are the responsibility of government ministers.  Very few announcements are made on Valued Time Day except for proposals of marriage, proposals of divorces and proposals of pleasant picnics with friends.

Privacy is very important in Nilkawt, whether on Valued Time Day or when a new cabinet is yet to be put in place.  Additional privacy is provided by attending refreshingly responsible retreats in Nilkawt. Many of those retreats begin on Valued Time Day.