Monday, 7 March 2016

Economic Development

Economic activities, especially those involving the commerce of international trade, have never been a significant part of this mission.  The ambassador prefers to use her soft power credentials in the interests of intercultural and scientific understanding.

There have been many misconceptions about soft power, one of which is that it ignores economic factors completely.  As any worthy diplomat is aware, honesty is the basis of both good diplomacy and good economic policy. 

History often reveals, however, that a lack of honesty, in either diplomacy or financial matters, leads to many serious problems.

Critics of soft power, and of good economic policy, usually fail to understand them sufficiently.  The current Nilkawtian ambassador to the digital sphere knows very well that she has never been good at arithmetic.  It is why she prefers to leave economic matters to persons more acquainted with them.

The art of diplomacy, and the enhancement of diplomacy through the arts, have been areas through which Nilkawt has long supplied unilateral leadership.  Good diplomacy is a form of subtle leadership through universally applicable cultural influences.

Good diplomacy always involves effective planning.  It purpose is the implementation of clearly defined, peaceful, evidence-based intentions. 

One peaceful intention of the Nilkawtians is to ensure economic development, anywhere in the world, is never treated as a zero-sum game.

Good economic policy, according to the Nilkawtian constitution, is about managing the implementation of the clearly defined, peaceful, evidence-based intentions so that everyone wins fairly.  To enhance the equitable prosperity of Nilkawtians, and of anyone willing to associate nicely with the Nilkawtian people, the government has much openness.

The Nilkawtians are well aware, of course, that they already have an excellent economy.  Like any reasonably prosperous society, Nilkawt has a non-corrupt Treasury and much delightful paradiplomacy.

For many years, the former trade and investment commissioner of Nilkawt developed and expanded her own investments in Nilkawt itself whilst also working here in Adelaide, from time to time, in accordance with the mission of this embassy. 

The commissioner's duties, in accordance with her vast experience and remarkable prior success, involved enhancing other people's investments in Nilkawt, including the investments of non-Nilkawtians.

Now, however, since becoming the Nilkawtian minister for health, defence and delightful environments, the former commissioner no longer has time to assist here in this embassy.  Her additional duties in Elegantshire and in the Bank of Nilkawt also prevent her diplomatic assistance from being expressed as effectively as previously.

The minister knows it is easy to avoid problems, such as those facing Australia.  It is well known in Nilkawt that a former Nilkawtian defence minister had hoped to become the new trade and investment commissioner but her appointment was vetoed by the independent commissioners for free and fair elections.

A new Nilkawtian commissioner for trade and investment is yet to be appointed.   In the interim, the humour rights commissioner, the independent commissioners against corruption, the political reform commissioner and the tourism commissioner are taking it in turns to assist here.

Further details about the economic development of Nilkawt, especially in historical terms, is supplied in a limited-edition, beautifully printed book, copies of which may be purchased through this embassy for $78,392,830,038 US plus postage and handling.  Please add the relevant additional amount for registered post.

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