Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Open International Relations

Although honesty is rarely evident in international relations, much like public relations and human resources, the Nilkawtians are currently at the forefront of advanced research into the interactions between the three pursuits.  As so much dishonesty is known to take place in the international sphere, uncovering honesty is often a surprise.

As with international journalism and international tourism, and usually also international aid, the intentions of participants are rarely straightforward.  Whenever wealth and political influence are involved, there are plenty of examples of front organisations

There are many strange reasons why false flag activities and other covert operations occur.  Most make no sense at all to the true advocates of world peace, global prosperity and artistic freedom. 

The Nilkawtians have an extensive global network of undercover agents, as well as many official, very nicely dressed diplomats, special envoys and commissioners.  As all Nilkawtians will know, even when sitting around enjoying an overseas holiday at their own expense, foreign affairs means many different things to many different people.

Participants in purportedly clandestine activities, from any member entity of the United Nations, usually have a tendency to overindulge in the benefits of expense accounts, whether at the expense of the tax system of their own country or that of another.

One of the reasons for the Ethereal Grand Duchy of Nilkawt to uphold strict visa regulations, for all potential visitors, is to prevent espionage within Nilkawtian territory.  That is why careful due diligence activities are pursued by Nilkawt's always polite, compassionate and reasonably helpful covert operatives, well before each visa is issued.

At the Nilkawtian border, each visa holder is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement in relation to the proposed visit, to ensure no-one will divulge anything about life in Nilkawt without official permission.  Matters of confidentiality are strictly enforced by the Nilkawtians, at least whenever the Nilkawtian national interest is concerned.

The Nilkawtian military aim is not only to have no military, and no need for a military, but also to stop anyone aiming anything rudely or potentially dangerously at anyone else.  World peace is the primary goal of the Nilkawtian international relations.

The Nilkawtian economic aim is to increase Nilkawtian prosperity and then share that prosperity with the rest of the world.  The Ethereal Grand Duchy of Nilkawt is already sharing its prosperity through the global provision of freely accessible online education.  This digital embassy is itself an example of that pursuit.

The Nilkawtian cultural aim is to ensure the global public understands the difference between the factual universe and all the fictional universes promoted by public relations teams and human resources professionals, as well as by politicians, foreign policy officials and tabloid journalists, of course. 

In addition, the Nilkawtians promote the necessity for all intelligent citizens, in any united or non-united nation, to practice peaceful counterintelligence against their own and other governments whenever the democratic need arises.

The Nilkawtian Government is well aware that the world's loudest democracy is a potential dictatorship.  Nilkawtian undercover operatives have seen all the classified documents relating to the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the top secret Gulf St Vincent incident and the not-so-secret Global Golfing incident. 

They have also examined all the official and unofficial data on the Boundless Fibbing incident, the Crashed and Cashed Rollback incident and the Continual Takeover incident.  For many years, they have recorded various black projects at black sites, including those in Australia.  They have obviously, in addition, gathered significantly revealing data from offshore financial centres, offshore and onshore immigration detention centres and offshore and onshore oil and gas exploration projects, secretive mining operations and nuclear facilities.

Many writings associated with the Nilkawtians have several meanings, including coded meanings.  Most of those codes are trade secrets.

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