Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Seasonal Work

One of the reasons why so many Nilkawtians have several forms of employment is that most work in Nilkawt is seasonal.  The people of Nilkawt, whether as citizens or residents, are encouraged to live in accordance with the seasons whenever appropriate to do so.  Seasonal work provides temporary jobs, at least when considered in terms of months rather than years.

In Nilkawt, work is considered over a twenty-five year schedule, rather than a monthly or annual or multi-year plan.  There is some work that will always need to be done, at one time or another, regardless of other economic and demographic factors.

All Nilkawtians contribute to keeping their national accounts impeccably clear and accurate.  The accounting methods of the Enlightened Nations are preferred over those of the United Nations.

Tourists are not permitted to work for money in Nilkawt.  They may officially volunteer in supervised job placements, subject to availability.

Voluntary opportunities also depend on the ability of the tourists to pay for their own training, supervision, accommodation, food, transportation and insurance.  They are also required, in such circumstances, to wear the special foreign-volunteer uniform.  All items for that uniform must also be purchased at each volunteer's own expense, along with the required boots, shoes and slippers.

All voluntary opportunities in Nilkawt are seasonal and reasonable, to ensure exploitation does not occur.  This means that volunteers are never considered to be foreign workers.

Foreign students, whether taking the opportunity to participate in formal volunteering opportunities or not, will find there are many other ways to experience formal Nilkawtian education and training opportunities.  Students will not be considered to be foreign workers unless and until they acquire the correct visa.

In most circumstances, foreign students in Nilkawt are considered to be tourists.  It is only after they become eligible to receive a PNRV that their foreign worker status will be acknowledged.  Even then, students will be required to pay the migrant worker level of taxation, which is substantially higher than that of Nilkawtian citizens.  The migrant tax rate is, however, at a lower level than all the tourist taxes.

As all work available to students in Nilkawt is likely to be seasonal, otherwise they would not have the time to keep up with their studies, a PNRV visa is difficult for any student to obtain until completing their studies satisfactorily.

Foreign tourists, foreign students and foreign business persons are all considered to require the same categories of visas to visit Nilkawt, namely a visitor's visa.  The Nilkawtians usually attempt to keep their foreign dealings as simple as possible.  Foreigners are, after all, usually rather simple people until they have received all the generous guidance the Nilkawtians supply to the world through this digital embassy.

As business persons representing foreign businesses are likely to consider themselves to be expatriates after more than a few weeks in Nilkawt, financial and legislative measures are in place to ensure they do not overstay their welcome.  Most foreign business persons are therefore only permitted to stay in Nilkawt for a maximum of one season.  This is the case even after spending several prior seasons in Nilkawt as a tourist and/or student.

Business taxes for foreign activities in Nilkawt are high by international standards, mainly because Nilkawt is such a nice, trustworthy place in which to do business.  The Government of Nilkawt itself is a seasonally-adjusted activity, just as it is in most societies.   All persons involved in the Government of Nilkawt, whether as ministers or members of staff, consider their work to be seasonal, and even temporary.

If you are seeking work in Nilkawt, please do your best to understand the job situation before applying.

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