Monday, 25 April 2016

State Enterprises

Encouraging the population to be usefully creative is difficult in any society.  The state enterprises of Nilkawt therefore exist primarily to provide peaceful opportunities for Nilkawtians to become either enlightened servants of art or artistic servants of enlightenment.

A secondary reason for the state enterprises of Nilkawt to exist is to encourage wealthy persons in other societies to invest in something more useful than their own egocentricity.  In much of the world, state enterprises exist primarily to assist persons at the top of political and workplace hierarchies to siphon off funds for their own benefit.  Even the awarding of contracts is a way for most state enterprises elsewhere to concentrate wealth into the hands of the most dominant contractors.

There is no stock market in Nilkawt, mostly because public companies, all around the world, have a propensity to concentrate wealth into the hands of a few, too.  For similar reasons, there are no casinos or other gambling facilities in Nilkawt.

As a free society, there is nothing to stop Nilkawtians from investing their money elsewhere in the world, if they so choose.  Nilkawtians are, however, expected to ensure all their foreign investments are registered with the Nilkawtian Financial Authority.  For this reason, Nilkawt has a Fair Share Registry.  All foreign investments and foreign earnings of Nilkawtians are documented in that register.

All foreign income received by Nilkawtians is taxed annually within Nilkawt at 10% for peaceful investments and 250% for non-peaceful investments.  The Nilkawtian Fair Share Registry therefore enables the Nilkawtian Financial Authority to identify which Nilkawtians are competent international investors and which Nilkawtians have little idea about the structure of a peaceful global economy.

The competent investors are usually invited to participate on the boards of Nilkawtian state enterprises.  The incompetent investors are encouraged to invest their money more wisely, namely in Nilkawt itself.

To participate in a Nilkawtian state enterprise as an employee is a high honour, especially as those state enterprises have very few employees.  The best of those employees are also likely to receive national honours at some time in the future. 

To ensure quality, however, please note that there are no longer any official subcontractors in Nilkawt.

Board members of Nilkawtian state enterprises are considered to be casual employees.  They are therefore paid a minimum hourly wage, in keeping with their unproven, long-term abilities.

Throughout Nilkawt, in any sort of enterprise, regardless of the form or style of employment, all employees and contractors, and even the unofficial subcontractors, are expected to uphold the same enlightened workplace standards.  This applies not only in Nilkawt itself but also when representing Nilkawt elsewhere.  It is especially the case when working through a Nilkawtian state enterprise.

Nilkawtians will not accept sexism or racism or jingoism or any other bad habits.  They will not tolerate the imposition of tastes or viewpoints not in accordance with societal harmony. This is why all Nilkawtians are encouraged to avoid investing in military enterprises and other non-peaceful pursuits.

As Nilkawt has never fought any wars, it does not have any war memorials.  Nilkawt does, however, have the Constitutional Shrine of True Tolerance, also known as the Shrine of Independence. 

The maintenance of the Constitutional Shrine of True Tolerance is a state enterprise.  The upkeep of all other Nilkawtian public monument and the running of major Nilkawtian tourism facilities is a state enterprise, including the maintenance and running of the royal palace, Palazzo Twaklinilkawt.

Nilkawtian state enterprises provide model examples of entrepreneurship for other enterprising individuals and societies to follow.  Yet entrepreneurship is about beginning new projects.  It is not about sustaining them or necessarily making them profitable.

The Nilkawtian Financial Authority runs the Nilkawtian Intellectual Property Trust (NIPT) as well as the Nilkawtian Fair Share Registry (NFRS) and the Local Government Administration Service (LGAS).

The board of the Nilkawtian Financial Authority consists primarily of highly assertive and consistently insistent legal practitioners rather than financial experts.  The Nilkawtian Financial Authority is one of the main Nilkawtian state enterprises itself.

The entire banking system of Nilkawt is also a state enterprise.  It is now run by the Nilkawtian Financial Authority. 

Even the Twaklinian School of International and Constitutional Law and Peace (TSICLP) and the entire Nilkawtian Tendering System (NTS) have now become state enterprises.  They are also run by the Nilkawtian Financial Authority (NFA).

The Nilkawtian Financial Authority was established as one of the many recommendations of last year's Financial Services Review (FSR).  Another of the recommendations of the review has been for most of the other recommendations to remain private, to prevent unnecessary embarrassment.

According to the Nilkawtian Constitution, whatever people choose to do in complete privacy, either alone or in the presence of fully consenting adults, is a matter entirely of their own choosing.  Everyone is accountable for their own actions in Nilkawt, which is why there is a strict delineation between the public and the private throughout Nilkawtian society.

Public life in Nilkawt is very public indeed.  Private life is very private.  There is also much community life in Nilkawt, which is considerably more complicated than public life and private life. Private activities intruding into the community sphere are considered to be public pursuits.

Any private activities not as private as they should be in Nilkawt are subsequently recorded as substantial truth in The Nilkawtian Gazette, and in the The Nilkawtian Chronicles and in most, of not all, versions of The Local.  The media services of Nilkawt are themselves state enterprises, as is the collection of all official data. 

It is always necessary to ensure the accuracy of public information.

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