Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Announcement of the Next Election

At 3 o'clock this afternoon, local time, in the Thrown Room of the royal palace, Palazzo Twaklinilkawt, in Twaklinton in Nilkawt, the official ceremony to announce the next Nilkawtian election will be held.  A main official Nilkawtian public holiday will then commence immediately.

The election itself will take place on the last day of September, as required by the Constitution.  The announcement of the election is usually a mere formality.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Letters Patent

The letters patent of Nilkawt are documents of remarkable wisdom and beauty.  They provide legal evidence of the exclusive mandate of the Nilkawtian people, through the Head of State of Nilkawt, to reside without external interference in their activities.

As the Constitution of Nilkawt is based on a higher law than any invented by ordinary mortals, the letters patent put that reality into effect.  The current Head of State of Nilkawt received formal notification of her ascendancy to the throne on Wednesday, 23 April 2014.  Earlier that day, the former Head of State signed the letters patent through which she passed on the exclusive mandate to her successor

On Friday, 9 May 2014, letters patent were formally provided to the ambassador, early in the morning, to open this digital embassy.

Friday, 6 May 2016


The duties of the staff of this embassy are in accordance with the dual role of the Her Excellency the Ambassador.  This embassy, therefore, not only represents the people and Government of Nilkawt in the digital sphere, it also provides delegated supervision for the provision of assistance and guidance to anyone visiting the global headquarters of the Enlightened Nations.

The latter location is in a neutral territory, also known as the Adelaidean Parlour Meant for You and Your Enlightenment, or the Parlour of Enlightenment for short.  It is also colloquially known as the parlour meant for you.

Adelaide, of course, is not situated in an enlightened nation.  That nation is rarely neutral, yet the ethereal, digital parlour, much like this ethereal, digital chancery, provides non-physical access to all well-meaning persons, regardless of their citizenship status.

Nilkawt upholds Eternal Law to a much greater extent than external laws, except those of most relevance to its citizens.  This digital embassy upholds the International Laws of Decency.  It does so through Nilkawt's international status as a recognised sovereign state through the Enlightened Nations.

History provides many examples to indicate that most applications of international law are rarely in accordance with theories of sovereignty, or even with theories of peace.  They are hardly ever in accordance with adequate democracy.

The theoretical basis of the Enlightened Nations began, under Eternal Law, long before the Constitution of Nilkawt was established.  The rule of Eternal Law is namely that all actions are to be in accordance with the compassionate application of reason.  Without reason and without compassion, there is no Eternal Law under which responsible people are obliged to act.

Eternal Law is the basis, therefore, not only of the Enlightened Nations but also of the ethereally sovereign status of Nilkawt.  Although the physical and digital boundaries of Nilkawt change over time, most usually because Nilkawtians have often been forced to interact with less enlightened nations, the juridical basis of the Nilkawtian state are legally and institutionally clear.

Even through the international laws developed by inadequately enlightened nations, the sovereign status of Nilkawt has been recognised most officially since 1886, under the Berne Convention.

Nilkawtian citizenship is itself an institution.  That citizenship itself is much more the basis of Nilkawtian sovereignty than the land upon which Nilkawt currently, physically sits.

Since the grand opening of this digital embassy on Tuesday, 1 July 2014, the Nilkawtians have been bringing accessible enlightenment to global diplomacy.  Through this embassy, Nilkawt has been gathering intelligence as efficiently as possible.

Upholding the sovereignty of Nilkawt is the duty of all Nilkawtians, under the leadership of all the current members of the Order of the Charter

Upholding the sovereignty of Nilkawt is also the duty of all enlightened non-Nilkawtians, under the universal principles of international law.

The Nilkawtian Head of State is only usually described as a sovereign for touristic purposes, according the the Faculty of Official Historians.

Continuity of the sovereignty of Nilkawt is maintained through the system of honours.

Maintaining Nilkawtian sovereignty provides the basis for maintaining the Nilkawtian sovereign wealth fund, according to the recent Financial Services Review.

The symbols of Nilkawtian sovereignty include this digital embassy, the national flag and the royal coat of farms

Nilkawtian sovereignty is also marked by the scientific and cultural borders and other boundaries pertaining to its existence.

At an international conference on global finance in Nilkawt last week, matters of ethical, economic and financial sovereignty were discussed in great detail.

Enlightened sovereignty usually implies the existence of an independent source from which free will derives.  It is unnecessary and possibly impossible for ordinary mortals to determine whether that source is a preternatural one. 

All that is necessary is to acknowledge that Eternal Law demands that, for a peaceful world to exist, nature and reason must always be considered together.  Eternal Law and its source must therefore be considered as one.

Thursday, 5 May 2016


As with any society, no-one knows exactly how many people currently exist in Nilkawt or even how many Nilkawtian citizens happen to be in the world at any particular moment.  In fact, many matters concerning the population and citizenry of Nilkawt are state secrets.

The Nilkawtians obviously wish to enlighten the world.  Even so, they would not wish to do so in any way likely to be excessively embarrassing to anyone, including themselves.

Full citizens of Nilkawt understand the basis of enlightenment, in all its forms.  They have peaceful intentions, though never in an annoyingly ambitious, overly friendly or otherwise disruptive manner.

The relatively permanent and stable population of Nilkawt has been estimated, by reasonably competent mathematicians, to be somewhere in the vicinity of 500,000 to 600,000 people.  At any time, however, there are at least 100,000 non-permanent persons in the population, at least a few of whom may be considered, by reasonably competent psychologists, to be mentally unstable.

The current land area of Nilkawt, including all water bodies, is roughly 3,579.13 km2.  The seven counties of Nilkawt, otherwise known as artistic territories, are of unequal sizes.  There have been many discussions, too, about their unequal populations.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Government Budget

Governments often base their budgets on fantasy rather than reality.  The Government of Nilkawt is no exception.  It is for this reason that the Nilkawtian cabinet has little control over government revenues or government expenditure.  The main economic duty of the cabinet is to balance the budget.

Learn more about the Nilkawtian cabinet and government.

Legislated measures are in place in Nilkawt to ensure revenues match needs, though the sources and the needs they meet are rarely related directly to one another.  For example, fees paid by foreigners are mainly used to pay for the health services provided to Nilkawtians.

Learn more about fees paid by foreigners, including those in relation to visa types.

Whenever government budgets are cut in Nilkawt, it is usually because the costs have been found to be unnecessary.  The Nilkawtians are obviously aware that wastefulness should be avoided, with or without accurate forecasting.  At the same time, Nilkawtians are aware that there are differing opinions regarding waste and usefulness.

Learn more about the career of a former Nilkawtian Minister for Pleasant Weather.

The aforementioned former minister is now based in Adelaide for much of the time, and taking a particular interest in environmental issues, including gardening.

Learn more about gardening in Adelaide.

Nilkawt is keen to protect its strategic and trade interests in the Asia-Pacific region, and throughout the world, as cheaply and simply as possible.  There is never the possibility of buying votes in Nilkawt.  This means that peace will always be at the heart of Nilkawtian culture.

Learn more about a culture of peace.

Good budgeting is merely a matter of training.  Good planning is also merely a matter of training. When poor planning occurs, it is usually a consequence of poor budgeting.  When poor budgeting occurs, it is usually a consequence of poor planning.  Few individuals and organisations elsewhere in the world put as much effort into training as the Nilkawtians.

Learn more about the career of a former Nilkawtian Minister for Training.

That former minister now has an international career, assisting Australians, and persons all around the world, to appreciate economic and political situations with the Twaklinian clarity they deserve.

Learn more about the Twaklinian Appreciation Society of Australia.

Nilkawtians know that training courses are only truly beneficial when the trainees have their heart in the right place.  This is easier to achieve when trainees are not excessively indebted.

Learn more about putting the heart before the course.

Good training, good budgeting and good planning also require enlightened facilitation.  This is a topic taught to all Nilkawtian cabinet ministers on an ongoing basis.

Learn more about enlightened facilitation.

No individual Nilkawtian, and certainly no Nilkawtian cabinet member, has much control of the Nilkawtian Treasury.  A strict system of monitoring is in place to protect all state assets.

Learn more about the Treasury of Nilkawt.

When there are possible mistakes in accounting, or in spending or in calculating future revenues, it is necessary to go back to the beginning and find out where the problems may reside.  This is made very clear indeed for anyone with responsibility for monitoring Nilkawtian finances.

Learn more about starting again from the beginning.

Careful, successful budgeting is currently at the heart of the Nilkawtian system of honours.  Extravagance is never encouraged amongst the Nilkawtians which is why, unlike other societies, Nilkawtian honours relate mainly to good citizenship.  Good citizens are never wasteful.

Learn more about the Nilkawtian system of honours.

This week, the Enlightened Nations has been meeting in Adelaide, Australia,.  Most of the deliberations have involved the examination of government budgets in relation to good citizenship and the prevention of extravagance. 

Learn more about the Enlightened Nations.

Nilkawt has been at the forefront of the Enlightened Nations for several centuries now.  Unlike other societies, Nilkawt has always had a humanely remedial approach to anti-social activities,  Distasteful activities are frowned upon by law-abiding Nilkawtians, though frowning is not permitted to occur inappropriately.  Prisoners are currently held in scientifically-designed comfort, at least if (a) room is available for them and they can afford the fee.

Learn more about the Cell-Fee Building

For any major new Nilkawtian project, or any minor one for that matter, the new, improved Nilkawtian Tendering Authority is usually involved.  Construction projects in Nilkawt usually require some sort of tendering to occur, and hence a clear and simple tendering process.  Managing the budgets in such situations can involve all sorts of complications without an adequate grasp of relationships involved.

Learn more about Nilkawtian tender processes.

Government budgets are often dependent upon business budgets.  Unfortunately, many business owners and operators are reluctant to express a responsible approach towards governments, especially if those governments are perceived as irresponsible.  Even so, it is the duty of all business owners to respect the societies through which they pursue profits, regardless of their attitudes towards governments.

Learn more about business in Backoutshire.

In Nilkawt, managing the national budget is the responsibility of the Ladies-in-Waiting to the Head of State, Her Illustrious Highness the Ethereal Grand Duchess.  All those persons have received the most impeccable training possible.

Learn more about how to become a Lady-in-Waiting.

The people of Nilkawt are well aware that if budgets are inadequate, there is much uncertainty, anxiety, ill-health and poor morale.  A good society always ensures that budgets are adequate for the maintenance of a happy populace.  No Nilkawtian is ever forgetful of the fact that the populace includes employees and contractors.  Successful management practices in the 21st century therefore include non-traditional approaches, techniques and strategies.

Learn more about the Dada School of Management.

If you require further information about the annual budget of the Government of Nilkawt, please begin your training today.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Intelligence Services

Nilkawtians are willing to acquire intelligence wherever it is to be found.  They are also willing to offer examples of intelligent thinking and living to anyone in need of such information.

Philanthropy has always been at the heart of the intelligence services of Nilkawt.  There is no malice in the Nilkawtian approach towards misguided points of view.  As long as actions are courteous, especially towards Nilkawtians, then no-one has anything to fear from the Nilkawtian intelligence services.

Since opening this digital embassy to the entire world, in May 2014, the people of Nilkawt have embraced the opportunity to express intelligent international possibilities.  Many Nilkawtians have done so by infiltrating a wide range of non-Nilkawtian organisations and institutions, as unobtrusively as possible.

Nilkawt obviously does its best to keep out unfriendly persons from its sovereign territory.  Nilkawt also does its best to keep up to a standard of living and quality of life suitable for intelligent, respectable persons.

Associated with this digital embassy are several additional official chancery offices.  Those offices are associated with the Nilkawtian intelligence networks.

The networks themselves allow Nilkawtians to keep in touch with the true international situation.  The networks also enable Nilkawtians to associate with each other whilst working undercover.

Most of the senior intelligence officers of Nilkawt have received the world's best training.  They encourage open international relations within the limits of decorum, especially during important international conferences.

The current head of state of Nilkawt has long been associated with the Nilkawtian intelligence services.  She has provided many coded messages, over many years, to Nilkawtian intelligence operatives around the world.

Here are just one example:

Bastions and belvederes

Further coded messages are likely to be mentioned through this embassy at the most appropriate moments.

Relatively straightforward intelligence messages were released by the current Nilkawtian head of state, during 2014, through her Adelaidean science studio.  Those messages were presented in the guise of a public information service:

April 2014
The Grand Duchy of Nilkawt 

July 2014
Closure of the Science Studio

July 2014
Clocks, Locks and Mr Locke

July 2014
Gone to Nilkawt

August 2014
The Appropriate Community Usefulness of the Arts and Sciences
October 2014
World Peace Starts Here

November 2014
This is History

December 2014
Peace and Happiness through Compatible Values

Monday, 2 May 2016

Enlightened Nations Conference

In preparation for the next Enlightened Nations Conference, which will begin tomorrow evening in an unenlightened nation, the Nilkawtian delegation has been setting its own agenda.

All citizens of all member nations of the Enlightened Nations, including Nilkawtian citizens, are expected to uphold the International Laws of Decency on a global basis, in all circumstances.  The Enlightened Nations recognises those laws under the universal system of Eternal Law.  Much of that system of law is scientifically verifiable.

Under Eternal Law, the Laws of Lawnlessness are also upheld.  As with all aspects of Eternal Law, the Laws of Lawnlessness and the International Laws of Decency must be enshrined in the constitutions of member nations.

Also under Eternal Law, the minimum age of maturity of individual citizens, and even individual visitors, is twenty-eight years.  There are also Uncommon Law elements to Eternal Law.  Uncommon Law underpins most of the Nilkawtian legal system.

Citizenship of Nilkawt

International Law

Contractual Agreements

Uncommon Law

Most Enlightened Nation Status

Office of Statistical Enlightenment

Sublime Secretariat

The Most Reasonable Company of Simplifiers

Seasonal Work

Open International Relations