Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Government Budget

Governments often base their budgets on fantasy rather than reality.  The Government of Nilkawt is no exception.  It is for this reason that the Nilkawtian cabinet has little control over government revenues or government expenditure.  The main economic duty of the cabinet is to balance the budget.

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Legislated measures are in place in Nilkawt to ensure revenues match needs, though the sources and the needs they meet are rarely related directly to one another.  For example, fees paid by foreigners are mainly used to pay for the health services provided to Nilkawtians.

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Whenever government budgets are cut in Nilkawt, it is usually because the costs have been found to be unnecessary.  The Nilkawtians are obviously aware that wastefulness should be avoided, with or without accurate forecasting.  At the same time, Nilkawtians are aware that there are differing opinions regarding waste and usefulness.

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The aforementioned former minister is now based in Adelaide for much of the time, and taking a particular interest in environmental issues, including gardening.

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Nilkawt is keen to protect its strategic and trade interests in the Asia-Pacific region, and throughout the world, as cheaply and simply as possible.  There is never the possibility of buying votes in Nilkawt.  This means that peace will always be at the heart of Nilkawtian culture.

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Good budgeting is merely a matter of training.  Good planning is also merely a matter of training. When poor planning occurs, it is usually a consequence of poor budgeting.  When poor budgeting occurs, it is usually a consequence of poor planning.  Few individuals and organisations elsewhere in the world put as much effort into training as the Nilkawtians.

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That former minister now has an international career, assisting Australians, and persons all around the world, to appreciate economic and political situations with the Twaklinian clarity they deserve.

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Nilkawtians know that training courses are only truly beneficial when the trainees have their heart in the right place.  This is easier to achieve when trainees are not excessively indebted.

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Good training, good budgeting and good planning also require enlightened facilitation.  This is a topic taught to all Nilkawtian cabinet ministers on an ongoing basis.

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No individual Nilkawtian, and certainly no Nilkawtian cabinet member, has much control of the Nilkawtian Treasury.  A strict system of monitoring is in place to protect all state assets.

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When there are possible mistakes in accounting, or in spending or in calculating future revenues, it is necessary to go back to the beginning and find out where the problems may reside.  This is made very clear indeed for anyone with responsibility for monitoring Nilkawtian finances.

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Careful, successful budgeting is currently at the heart of the Nilkawtian system of honours.  Extravagance is never encouraged amongst the Nilkawtians which is why, unlike other societies, Nilkawtian honours relate mainly to good citizenship.  Good citizens are never wasteful.

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This week, the Enlightened Nations has been meeting in Adelaide, Australia,.  Most of the deliberations have involved the examination of government budgets in relation to good citizenship and the prevention of extravagance. 

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Nilkawt has been at the forefront of the Enlightened Nations for several centuries now.  Unlike other societies, Nilkawt has always had a humanely remedial approach to anti-social activities,  Distasteful activities are frowned upon by law-abiding Nilkawtians, though frowning is not permitted to occur inappropriately.  Prisoners are currently held in scientifically-designed comfort, at least if (a) room is available for them and they can afford the fee.

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For any major new Nilkawtian project, or any minor one for that matter, the new, improved Nilkawtian Tendering Authority is usually involved.  Construction projects in Nilkawt usually require some sort of tendering to occur, and hence a clear and simple tendering process.  Managing the budgets in such situations can involve all sorts of complications without an adequate grasp of relationships involved.

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Government budgets are often dependent upon business budgets.  Unfortunately, many business owners and operators are reluctant to express a responsible approach towards governments, especially if those governments are perceived as irresponsible.  Even so, it is the duty of all business owners to respect the societies through which they pursue profits, regardless of their attitudes towards governments.

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In Nilkawt, managing the national budget is the responsibility of the Ladies-in-Waiting to the Head of State, Her Illustrious Highness the Ethereal Grand Duchess.  All those persons have received the most impeccable training possible.

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The people of Nilkawt are well aware that if budgets are inadequate, there is much uncertainty, anxiety, ill-health and poor morale.  A good society always ensures that budgets are adequate for the maintenance of a happy populace.  No Nilkawtian is ever forgetful of the fact that the populace includes employees and contractors.  Successful management practices in the 21st century therefore include non-traditional approaches, techniques and strategies.

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