Friday, 6 May 2016


The duties of the staff of this embassy are in accordance with the dual role of the Her Excellency the Ambassador.  This embassy, therefore, not only represents the people and Government of Nilkawt in the digital sphere, it also provides delegated supervision for the provision of assistance and guidance to anyone visiting the global headquarters of the Enlightened Nations.

The latter location is in a neutral territory, also known as the Adelaidean Parlour Meant for You and Your Enlightenment, or the Parlour of Enlightenment for short.  It is also colloquially known as the parlour meant for you.

Adelaide, of course, is not situated in an enlightened nation.  That nation is rarely neutral, yet the ethereal, digital parlour, much like this ethereal, digital chancery, provides non-physical access to all well-meaning persons, regardless of their citizenship status.

Nilkawt upholds Eternal Law to a much greater extent than external laws, except those of most relevance to its citizens.  This digital embassy upholds the International Laws of Decency.  It does so through Nilkawt's international status as a recognised sovereign state through the Enlightened Nations.

History provides many examples to indicate that most applications of international law are rarely in accordance with theories of sovereignty, or even with theories of peace.  They are hardly ever in accordance with adequate democracy.

The theoretical basis of the Enlightened Nations began, under Eternal Law, long before the Constitution of Nilkawt was established.  The rule of Eternal Law is namely that all actions are to be in accordance with the compassionate application of reason.  Without reason and without compassion, there is no Eternal Law under which responsible people are obliged to act.

Eternal Law is the basis, therefore, not only of the Enlightened Nations but also of the ethereally sovereign status of Nilkawt.  Although the physical and digital boundaries of Nilkawt change over time, most usually because Nilkawtians have often been forced to interact with less enlightened nations, the juridical basis of the Nilkawtian state are legally and institutionally clear.

Even through the international laws developed by inadequately enlightened nations, the sovereign status of Nilkawt has been recognised most officially since 1886, under the Berne Convention.

Nilkawtian citizenship is itself an institution.  That citizenship itself is much more the basis of Nilkawtian sovereignty than the land upon which Nilkawt currently, physically sits.

Since the grand opening of this digital embassy on Tuesday, 1 July 2014, the Nilkawtians have been bringing accessible enlightenment to global diplomacy.  Through this embassy, Nilkawt has been gathering intelligence as efficiently as possible.

Upholding the sovereignty of Nilkawt is the duty of all Nilkawtians, under the leadership of all the current members of the Order of the Charter

Upholding the sovereignty of Nilkawt is also the duty of all enlightened non-Nilkawtians, under the universal principles of international law.

The Nilkawtian Head of State is only usually described as a sovereign for touristic purposes, according the the Faculty of Official Historians.

Continuity of the sovereignty of Nilkawt is maintained through the system of honours.

Maintaining Nilkawtian sovereignty provides the basis for maintaining the Nilkawtian sovereign wealth fund, according to the recent Financial Services Review.

The symbols of Nilkawtian sovereignty include this digital embassy, the national flag and the royal coat of farms

Nilkawtian sovereignty is also marked by the scientific and cultural borders and other boundaries pertaining to its existence.

At an international conference on global finance in Nilkawt last week, matters of ethical, economic and financial sovereignty were discussed in great detail.

Enlightened sovereignty usually implies the existence of an independent source from which free will derives.  It is unnecessary and possibly impossible for ordinary mortals to determine whether that source is a preternatural one. 

All that is necessary is to acknowledge that Eternal Law demands that, for a peaceful world to exist, nature and reason must always be considered together.  Eternal Law and its source must therefore be considered as one.