Monday, 27 June 2016

Business As Usual

In view of the usual and unusual volatility of the unenlightened world's financial markets, many enlightened investors seek the safe haven of the Nilkawtian business environment.  All business and personal activities in Nilkawt are based on the reasonable rule of the uncommon law, with the Nilkawtian constitution as the longstanding, respectable foundation.

Nilkawt is not part of a trading block.  In fact, the Nilkawtians are very well aware that "block" is the operative word in any trading block.  A truly free and fair market only exists without such blocks.

The Nilkawtian social contract requires all participants to avoid all forms of gambling.  Decisions must be made on the basis of evidence and good reasoning, through the informed and responsible expression of free will.

The Nilkawtian people are well aware that opinion polls are mainly used elsewhere as tools for gambling on financial markets and for other forms of betting.  To the Nilkawtians, opinion polls are unnecessary except as tools for improving democracy directly.

Please note that Nilkawt already has a sufficiently developed defence industry.  Its citizens have perfected interpersonal assertiveness and strategic flirtation on an industrial, global scale.  The Nilkawtians use the strength of their diplomatic soft power in many ways.

Nilkawtians speak, think and write in the English language to a relatively high standard.  They have an international view of world history and a scientific view of the future of the world.  They uphold liberty as the standard to which every society should strive.

The Nilkawtians will never demean themselves by associating with tyrants and other oppressors.  They know that when people act above all forms of corruption, there is no need for trade deals between countries, and certainly not between trade blocks.

Therefore, if you wish to form a mutually respectful business relationship with the Nilkawtians, please begin by acknowledging your willingness to abide by Nilkawtian laws.  To ensure you are able to meet that obligation, it will be necessary for you to appoint Nilkawtian legal practitioners and Nilkawtian accountancy practitioners to assist your business.

Nilkawtians know that leadership involves effective action, with or without the presence of a prime minister.  They know that people acting contrary to the interests of Nilkawt are aggressively competitive and somewhat dictatorial.  The duty of all Nilkawtians, therefore, is to counteract those tendencies.

If you are considering doing business in Nilkawt, or with Nilkawtians elsewhere, even if you are a current or former defence minister, do please ensure you understand the Nilkawtian meaning of business as usual.  This applies equally if you are a current or former attorney-general, or a current or former minister for lawnless order.

All non-Nilkawtian activities are to be conducted outside Nilkawtian territory, or no-where at all, as all Nilkawtians themselves are very well aware. This is especially the case for a current or former minister for brilliance or a chief secretary for global communications.

As with any society, there are conflicting views about appropriate activities in Nilkawt.  This particularly applies in the county of Austrooliana and within the wilder parts of the grounds of the royal palace in Twaklinton.  A former foreign minister continues to inhabit the latter territory.

Preventing inappropriate activities provides significant business opportunities in itself in most societies.  This is why educational services, tourism services and law enforcement services are well established in Nilkawt.  There are also well established wealth distribution and wealth re-distribution services in Nilkawt, as any current or former minister of agriculture will particularly wish to be aware.

If you are a current or former trade and investment commissioner, you may very well consider it a good idea to contact this embassy at your earliest convenience to begin your most noteworthy pursuits forthwith.  Members of the Nilkawtian Faculty of Official Historians are always eagerly awaiting news of significant contributions to the betterment of Nilkawt itself.

Please ensure all your trade, investment and business proposals are presented in the formats appropriate for all levels of government in Nilkawt.  Clear ideas make life for everyone so much easier.  They even form the indirect basis of Nilkawtian economic development.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

A Steady State

Nilkawt has the most steady state economy in the world:

An excellent economy

The best treasury

A well-managed government budget

Suitably sensible sovereignty

Brilliant economic development

Government revenues

Currency trading

Financial services review

International Conference on Global Finance

To ensure a steady population is maintained, in order to maintain a steady economy, all potential migrants are closely watched and examined during the preparation process.  Anyone considering applying to migrate to Nilkawt would be well advised to research the possibility sufficiently beforehand. 

Until recently, there was a twelve-year waiting list even for ordinary day visitors to Nilkawt.  This has now been extended to fourteen years.  The process is considerably shorter for persons with the money to buy their way in earlier.  In fact, that money makes up much of Nilkawt's government revenues.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Scientific Purposes

According to the Nilkawtian Constitution, all public Nilkawtian funds are to be used for the most urgent and relevant scientific purposes.  Urgency and relevance are usually based on long-term, evidence-based planning schedules in Nilkawt. 

The schedules themselves are prepared by highly educated, generalist, scientific Nilkawtians.  You may wish to read a brief introduction to science in Nilkawt.

You may even desire to learn more about education in Nilkawt.

There is even a possibility that you have at least some interest in learning about the Nilkawtian government.

You may additionally intend to examine all the references to science, the scientific and scientists, as presented through this digital embassy.