Thursday, 16 June 2016

A Steady State

Nilkawt has the most steady state economy in the world:

An excellent economy

The best treasury

A well-managed government budget

Suitably sensible sovereignty

Brilliant economic development

Government revenues

Currency trading

Financial services review

International Conference on Global Finance

To ensure a steady population is maintained, in order to maintain a steady economy, all potential migrants are closely watched and examined during the preparation process.  Anyone considering applying to migrate to Nilkawt would be well advised to research the possibility sufficiently beforehand. 

Until recently, there was a twelve-year waiting list even for ordinary day visitors to Nilkawt.  This has now been extended to fourteen years.  The process is considerably shorter for persons with the money to buy their way in earlier.  In fact, that money makes up much of Nilkawt's government revenues.