Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Interpersonal Standards Organisation

Nilkawtians are invariably polite, at least towards courteous persons.  One of the leading former Nilkawtian Ministers for Courtesy and Moral Philosophy has obviously provided much guidance on such matters.

Further guidance on the subject has been provided through this embassy, especially for prospective visitors wishing to take a tour of the royal palace.

In addition, a former Nilkawtian Trade and Investment Commissioner has elegantly supplied gracious leadership by example in relation to interpersonal standards, as have many other Nilkawtian persons of good character and impeccable training. 

The Nilkawtian Principle Law of Courtesy is taught at the Inns of Kawt.  Having principles is very important in Nilkawt, even in the legal profession.

Judges of the Court of Courtesy in the local Low Kawt courts are steeped in the traditions of their profession.  This is particularly the case when they are sitting on a judicial bench sipping tea and being nice to everyone.

Much courtesy has been expressed by the current Minister for Education, Training and Interpersonal Niceties.  Upon taking up the position, he kindly appointed and trained all his own assistants, at his own expense.  He is also personally continuing to pay their wages, office expenses and wardrobe requirements, thereby saving the Nilkawtian Treasury a considerable sum of money.

Politeness is now the basis for many investment opportunities in Nilkawt, as all current and recent business visitors are already aware.  The current Nilkawtian head of state has been leading the way regarding such matters.

The uncommon law of Nilkawtian niceness is now properly upheld through the literal interpretation of the Little Ben of Rights in the preamble to the Constitution. 

Many of the traditional transitional arrangements in Nilkawt, and in this digital embassy, have now been completed.  Verification of this fact has just been received from the Nilkawtian Interpersonal Standards Organisation.

Under the previous head of state, several traditions were considered by the Nilkawtian public to be outdated by several centuries.  Under the current head of state, a more enlightened approach to traditions has been implemented.  Most of the earlier traditions are now maintained purely as tourist attractions.

In international relations, the Nilkawtian ambassador to the digital sphere has often been seen sitting quietly in the parlour of Villa Twaklinilkawt, listening attentively to the discussions and deliberations regarding a sense of place and pace.  Her Excellency has also been seen in the parlour, quietly observing the proceedings, especially whenever the matter of history is discussed.

The Nilkawtian Interpersonal Standards Organisation (NISO or ISO) was traditionally known as the Nilkawtian Interpersonal Courtesy Experiment (NICE).  Long before this embassy opened, Nilkawtians were very rude people indeed and somewhat anarchic as well as archaic. 

Those facts have never been recorded in the official history of Nilkawt, before now.  Nor have the facts of the past ever truly been revealed through the Nilkawtian media, until recently.  The facts of the Nilkawtian past are likely to be something of a shock to the global public, and possibly even to the Nilkawtians themselves, especially those with short memories.

Upholding interpersonal standards is now a Nilkawtian export industry in high demand around the world.  The head of the Nilkawtian secret service, as well as the head of state, now know how any society can easily be improved for little financial outlay, though the details will obviously remain a Nilkawtian state secret.