Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Resort Towns

Although Twaklinton, the capital city of Nilkawt, is often considered to be a resort town, mainly due to the fact that most Nilkawtians cannot afford to live there permanently, many Nilkawtians are employed in Twaklinton on a temporary basis.

In the official resort towns of Nilkawt, no Nilkawtians are employed.  All the employees in Nilkawtian resort towns are on short-term, long-hour contracts from Australia.  Are you seeking a job in Nilkawt?

Most of the Australians working in Nilkawtian resort towns are unlikely to be able to stay in the resorts as guests.  For a start, they do not earn enough for that to become a possibility.

Australian low-paid, temporary workers are also involved in constructing new resort towns in Nilkawt.  Those individuals also work very long hours.

The established Nilkawtian resort towns are beautifully maintained.  Vast numbers of temporary workers, mostly out of sight and out of hearing range of the guests, and without drawing attention to themselves through the sense of smell, have been employed in Nilkawt on rotating, short-term contracts over many years.  Most of those workers hope one day to be allowed to stay in Nilkawt permanently.

Although all the businesses in the resort towns of Nilkawt are owned by Nilkawtians, they are run by Australians.  The same applies to the businesses involved in developing new Nilkawtian resort towns.

It is only in the less pleasant areas of Nilkawt that foreigners are permitted to own businesses.  The Ethereal Grand Duchy has always had very strict requirements in relation to its investment opportunities.

During the off seasons in the resort towns, which occur twice a year, most of the maintenance, preparation and new construction occurs in the established resorts.  During the off season, those towns are mainly used for educational and scientific purposes.

Significant features in all the resort towns include magnificent health-care facilities.  These are staffed by Nilkawtian-trained Australians, around the clock, all year round.

Although there are some tourists in the resort towns during the off seasons, most such visitors arrive during the on seasons.  During the on seasons, the prices rise in the resort towns considerably.  That is why tourism is such an important industry in Nilkawt.

During the off seasons, the tourists tend to be considered as lazy students.  All visitors, during the off seasons, are required to enrol in one of the educational courses offered.  Persons regarded merely as tourists usually fail to turn up for one or more of the lessons.

During the on season, visitors do not expect to learn much at all.  They just want to relax and enjoy celebrating everything they have already achieved in life.  They are usually willing and able to pay for that privilege.