Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The Best Foreign Workers

A Twaklinological approach is currently being applied to the ongoing review of Nilkawtian immigration processes and visa categories.  The aim is to ensure only the very best foreign workers are admitted to assist the process of development.  The review involves the application of Twaklinist critiquing practices.  This intellectual approach is an advanced version of critical sociological and political theory.

Every society has much to consider in relation to visas.  Nilkawt is no exception.

With a predominantly middle class society, Nilkawtians are known to be mainly a reasonable and reasonably well-educated people.  They wish to ensure unreasonable individuals are not admitted to Nikawtian territory as readily as they have been in the past.

All Nilkawtians and Australians continue to be invited to participate in the visa consultation process, at least if they are familiar with the current requirements.  Civil unrest and foreign incursions must be prevented to ensure another constitutional crisis is averted.  The prosperity of the Nilkawtians will depend on it.

Since most of the consultation is being conducted through the Twaklinian School of International Law and Peace, this ensures public trust in the process can be maintained. Poor quality foreign workers continue to have their visas cancelled.  There are still plenty of jobs for good quality workers, if suitably qualified and experiences, and willing to undertake additional training.

Construction and maintenance projects provide a large amount of seasonal work in Nilkawt, as do arts events, tourist events, traditional events and social events more generally.  This was a prominent topic of discussion at the International Conference on Global Finance a few months ago.

There are now sufficient processes in place in Nilkawt to ensure business and government activities are no longer disrupted by public holidays or other traditions.  Foreign workers are not permitted to take time off for public holidays, weekends or birthdays in Nilkawt, and nor are robots.