Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Accountable Government

The Nilkawtians have long attempted to ensure their governments are accountable.  As with any other society, this is easier said than done.  The results of elections, especially when looking at the qualities, or lack of them, of winning candidates, is often considered to be a bad joke.  Here is a little history:

From 2014


Humour Rights Commissioner

Grand closing

Former Minister of Communications

Grand reopening

Election results

Independent Commissioners for Free and Fair Elections

Independent Commissioners against Corruption


Public holidays

An excellent economy

From 2015

Office of Electoral Progress

Local Low Kawt courts

A beautiful political system

Faculty of Official Historians

Important government announcements

New cabinet

Levels of government

Recording reactions

System of honours

Minister for Natural Limitations and Sustainable Trade

State enterprises

Constitutional duties

Events in the Thrown Room

Business as usual

Official ceremony of Ceremony and Salaries

Office of Statistical Enlightenment

Foolya Biennale


Traditional transitional arrangements

Convocations of the Pretty Council

Economic development

Dada School of Management

Announcement for the next election


Enrolment and ennoblement

Election day

Improving Nilkawt into perpetuity

Since the most recent constitutional crisis and state of emergency, many Nilkawtian traditions have been reviewed and modified.  Clarity about the existing levels of government continues to be sought by the official investigators.

The announcement of the election result is unlikely to be known for at least a week and perhaps not for several months.  It is hoped there will not be a Hike Kawt challenge this time.

It has often been noted with some admiration in diplomatic circles that even though Nilkawt is one of the world's most enlightened democracies it has no political parties.