Friday, 7 October 2016

National Museum of Former Traditions

All marchionesses in Nilkawt are now employed in the recently opened National Museum of Former Traditions.  This obviously includes the former Humour Rights Commissioner, The Exceedingly Honourable The Marchioness of Passatempo, Lady Felicia Gioconda Allegra Divertimento.

At regular times each day at the new museum, all former ceremonies and associated practices in relation to formerly official traditional ribbons are formally performed using genuine traditional official ribbons and genuine marchionesses.

To ensure that the current Marchioness of Algorithms can remain employed in the royal palace as one of the most senior Women of the Bedchamber amongst the Ladies-in-Waiting, her most senior title is about to be ceremoniously upgraded to the Duchess of Rent.  In her new capacity, the Marchioness of Algorithms, as the Duchess of Rent, will supervise the transformation of the former Nilkawtian traditions of rent taking and rent seeking to ensure they comply with dignified digital and financial realities in an enlightened, democratic society.

The new museum contains a display on how Ladies-in-Waiting were formerly formally appointed.  There is also a display on how to become a Lady-in-Waiting to the Ethereal Grand Duchess in the months and years ahead.

All new titles in Nilkawt are currently based on merit, unless a substantial sum of money is supplied for the privilege of having additional privileges.  Nilkawt has never been an armigerous or otherwise harmful society.

It has been a surprise to many returning citizens that so many changes in traditions have occurred in Nilkawt.