Tuesday, 11 October 2016

New Humour Rights Commissioner

As the previous occupant of the highest position in the Humour Rights Commission has now been transferred to a situation in which she supervises former traditions, it has been necessary to appoint a new Humour Rights Commissioner.

As has previously been the case, the new Humour Rights Commissioner will continue to be responsible for monitoring and monetising the expression of all non-Twaklinesque culture within Nilkawt itself.

As the Humour Rights Commissioner has always taken precedence over all other commissioners in Nilkawt, the new commissioner, Jen Raleigh-Wright, Duchess of Boundaries, will be expected to continue the most important work of her predecessor.

The priorities for the duchess will most likely include the continuation of the Financial Services Review, with an emphasis on economic development, currency trading and government revenues.

There is also likely to be a review of the system of honours, to ensure it does not become too ridiculous.